Six More SuJu Allegedly Sue SM?

6 other Super Junior members filed for lawsuit against SM Entertainment too? « K Bites.

What I find interesting  – if not surprising – is that there isn’t a strict all-or-nothing in the case of DBSK and SuJu. That is, some break to file lawsuits, others do not. You’d think a stronger show of solidarity would have a greater impact on the negotiations. The reality, though, is that it’s every boy band idol for himself, and each person sees their career doing better (or at least surviving) in a different way.

HanKyung Gives Reasons For Breaking With SM

Reasons to HanKyung filing for contract terms disposition against SM Entertainment? « K Bites.

I don’t doubt the veracity of the health claims – it’s too serious to make up, especially if this goes to court – but I do admire how it’s a wonderful narrative hook to gain fan sympathy for HanKyung and against SM. This isn’t David and Goliath, it’s now Camille versus Simon Legree. Certainly a better bargaining position than some cosmetics company.