Slasha On Momusu First Gen

Momusu’s 1st gen: Great generation or the greatest generation? – Vox.

It seems that the main argument for first gen’s greatness is: a) they got it all started, and nothing would’ve followed without them; and b) they were around before the boyfriends, substandard songs, and scandals.

While the first argument is oddly tautological – I mean, yeah, they were the first, but that doesn’t automatically make them great. That’s like saying Pete Best is better than Ringo Starr. On the second front, first gen had its share of scandals – Ayappe got knocked up by Shinya, and Nacchi was a one-woman scandal machine for a few years. If there wasn’t much attention to this kind of stuff early on, it’s because the press probably didn’t care yet.

So what were the qualities that made first gen stand out? I agree there was something special about them, but don’t know if it was captured in this post.

Selective Hearing Looks Back On H!P Landing On American Soil

2009 Recap – Hangry & Angry at Sakura-con/Morning Musume at Anime Expo |.

Greg’s decided to do year-end review posts, and starts off with the big events of the year for American fans. He expresses uncertainty about H!P visiting America again, but it seemed to me that these initial forays were precisely to cash in on the growing fanbase in America. If anything, we should start speculating when the H!P Kids and Eggs units start making their way to an anime con near you…

Super Happy Genki Chimes In On The Koha’s Graduation

“She’s a genki girl, in a genki world… living life spastic, she’s cracktastic!” – SUPER HAPPY GENKI HYPERFORCE GO!.

Aside from one odd statement in the beginning – “She is truly the first to be cast adrift on her own” (what about Asuka and Ayappe?) – this is a thoughtful take on where both the Koha and Morning Musume will be heading from this point forward.

I can appreciate taking the time to ask if this is a time to dissolve Morning Musume – but even though I’m not a fan of the current line-up, the economics clearly don’t encourage this. The wota dollars aren’t only continuing to pour in, but they’re  tapping overseas as well. Once the H!P wota find something better to spend their money on – AKB, say, or porn – then there’s some worries to consider.

Hello!Blog Will Miss The Koha

Hello!Blog – Koha, You’ll Be Missed.

The best part for me is when Paul says he likes to think he’s not much of a fan. Yes, and I don’t like looking at junior idols in bikinis. However, that’s just part of a very genial, self-effacing aassessment of the impact Koha’s departure is having on Paul – especially with the honest assessment that he’s not as likely to follow her career post-MM.