Merry Go Round Shares Top Ten Love Songs

Amy’s Top 10 Love Songs OF ALL TIME. (Part 1) | Merry Go Round.

Amy warns about revealing  too much of herself with these choices, but I don’t think that’s the case. That is, she reveals what her tastes are in music, but by no means are there any intimate insights to how she feels about love and falling in love, which I hoped these songs would reveal in an interesting, writerly fashion.

That said, it’s an engaging selection of songs and I’m just about convinced to try out KARA’s Revolution for myself. I’m not expecting love, but a nice wota infatuation would be just fine by me.

Kpop Girl Group Dream Team Has A Name

SeungYeon, UEE, GaIn and HyunA as ‘4Tomorrow’ « K Bites.

I’m sure there’s some kind of formula behind the way Kpop group names are formed – using a letter or  number in a TXT-y kind of way, refer to a time of day or exact moment, be inspired by a Van Morrison song or the start of the universe – but I’m still not able to sort it out just yet. Anyway, the supergroup is called 4Tomorrow and that group shot of them is very very sexy.