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Tsuyoki de Yukoze! On Tettekette

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An Short Interlude « Tsuyoki de Yukoze!.

Murr explains how Takahashi Ai received that particular nickname. For those who don’t know, Ishibashi also bestowed the greatest ever H!P nickname to Iida Kaori.

Delicious Cake Project On Where H!P Outsells AKB

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The One Place Where H!P Still Outsells AKB « Delicious Cake Project!.

I won’t spoil the reveal, but will say that this is an interesting angle to take on idols and how they manifest throughout the culture.

Nyu chan desu!!! Turns Attention To Old Ladies

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2009 rankings – Top 5 songs to torture old ladies with « Nyu chan desu!!!.

First deflowering virgins, now torturing old ladies. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Also, the shout-out to Tom Swift amused me.

BKI Has Poll For Favorite Berryz

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Year end ranking : Girls @ Berryz Kobo International.
Year end ranking : Songs @ Berryz Kobo International.

Interestingly enough, my three choices for the top poll were also at the top of the overall results…

Deflowering H!P Virgins, One Song At A Time

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Time to rank! – Top 5 songs to deflower H!P virgins with « Nyu chan desu!!!.

So I picture Maeda Yuuka with Metallica’s “One” playing softly in the background and then we turn it up and break out the trapeze and…

What? Ladybird is talking about how to get people not into H!P to like their music? Never mind, then.

And I’d think “Rottara Rottara” would be a natural for this list.

Getting Morning Musume Soaking, Sopping Wet

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Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 12/27/2009) – Hello!Online.
Pervy Morning Weekly Q&A « Morningtime.

Morningtime does a nice job of further interpreting the answers the girls gave. And yeah, they really shouldn’t ask that question if they don’t want certain images dancing in the minds of wota.

Totally Hello! Project Looks At Girl Group Sales For 2009

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Top Selling Singles of 2009 « Totally Hello! Project.

So AKB has sold more copies of fewer singles than all of H!P combined? The times, they have a-changed!

New S/mileage PV Previewed

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S/mileage – “Suki-chan” PV Preview Released « Hello!SayuNii.

An all-Yuuka all-bikini version of the PV is apparently being held back at the moment, but I KNOW they’ve got one planned. Right?

Conflict Productions Does 2009 H!P Rankings

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2009 Year End Hello! Project Rankings « Conflict Productions.

Siggy writes, “Before I start, I apologize if I offend anyone due to my opinions.” But he’s doing H!P rankings. If there’s anything that can be fighting words in wota world, it’s saying your favorite idol is better than someone else’s favorite idol!

And wait! His blog is called Conflict Productions and he doesn’t want to piss people off? Something’s fishy here…

Berryz Next Single Has Anime Tie-In

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Berryz Koubou’s “Otakebi Boy WAO!” Will Be Inazuma Eleven’s Next ED « Hello!SayuNii.

I’m thinking every tie-in makes a unit more viable for American anime con appearances, right? Time to start thinking about what Jpop idols will be making their way to the States in 2010…