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Oddly enough, the opening description can also be used to explain the feeling I get when about to vomit. I guess the big goofy smile would fit if I was drunk and throwing up to make sure I won’t have a hangover the next day.

Beyond that, pengie’s got a fun selection of songs that brighten up her day, mixing rock and pop to excellent effect. For my part, the Morning Musume Masturbation medley always works wonders for my spirits.

Listen To It Often Enough And You’ll Find Something Good

Buono’s Take It Easy & Bravo Bravo PV’s Reviewed |.

Greg commits himself to learning to like, if not love, this release from Buono! and succeeds.

It may just be me thinking too much about the title, but there are times when I hear a bit of the Eagles in the song. When the stupid banjo isn’t shoved in, that is.

And why make Momoko look like the genial idiot of the trio yet again? Ah, well, if it works for her, it works for her. Just don’t be surprised when she winds up on the cover of Friday brandishing a bottle of Jack Daniels and a lubed-up dildo.

CK’s WotaTravelogue Continues

CK in Japan, Fall 2009 Days 5-7…SDN + Idoling!!! = <3 – Vox.
CK in Japan, Fall Days 5-7 (Pt. 2)…Oishii Camembert – Vox.
CK in Japan, Fall 2009 Day 8…AKB ∞・Infinity – Vox.

A great deal is covered in these three posts, including visits to Odaiba and Tokyo Tower, a Buono!-riffic meal at Pizza-La, a review of the SDN48 stage, and the AKB theatrical production Infinity. Among the highlights are his interactions with the SDN and AKB girls, including Cindy telling CK she loves him, Wasamin remembering him from New York, and Sayaka remembering him from New York a few seconds too late.

It’s exhausting just to read through CK’s account of all these events, I’m surprised he hasn’t collapsed yet. That said, he’s probably running on wota energy at this point, which is a Red Bull for the soul when taken in heavy doses.

I Scream, You Scream, Wotaku Now! Screams For Ice Queen!

Wotaku Now! » Miyabi continues to get hotter.

Shirow has a heartfelt and funny write-up on Miyabi with this picspam post of a recent magazine spread from BLT. It’s amusing that he used to consider her an ice queen because of her facial expression, though apparently she’s gotten over that somewhat.

And yeah, a new photobook from her! Her last one was pretty good overall, but had some of the single greatest H!P idol shots of all time. Let’s see if lightning strikes twice.