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Shampoo Concludes: Enter The Dragon

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Shampoo, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

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Shampoo’s Femme Fatale

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After School Lessons

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Shanimuni Paradise Ranks Her Favorite Kpop Girl Groups

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TOP! Part 7 – Kpop Girl Groups « Shanimuni Paradise.

Tsukiki takes a turn with the likes of Wonder Girls and SNSD, explaining how she first heard of them and how her opinions evolved in some cases. It’s an interesting read, and actually a pretty decent primer if you wanna jump into the Kpop thing yourself.

As for suggestions for future lists, how  about Favorite Neil Young Songs? I’d be interested, at least.

Kpop Girl Group Dream Team Has A Name

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SeungYeon, UEE, GaIn and HyunA as ‘4Tomorrow’ « K Bites.

I’m sure there’s some kind of formula behind the way Kpop group names are formed – using a letter or  number in a TXT-y kind of way, refer to a time of day or exact moment, be inspired by a Van Morrison song or the start of the universe – but I’m still not able to sort it out just yet. Anyway, the supergroup is called 4Tomorrow and that group shot of them is very very sexy.

Kpop Female Supergroup Announced

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[Update] UEE, SeungYeon, GaIn and HyunA – girlgroup dream team to release digital single in October « K Bites.

One girl each from Kara, 4 Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, and After School are coming together to form a supergroup and release a single. This sounds real exciting – I mean, imagine if Kashiyuka, Acchan, Tachibana Kana, and Maeda Yuuka all got together to form a new group!

Biker Gang Chases After School

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After School threatened by 20-member bike gang « K Bites.

It’s like an episode of Sons of Anarchy meets an episode of Hello! Morning or something. Anyway, it looks like these bikers were fans of the group, so I’m sure nothing untoward was meant beyond some random gang rape and minor vandalism.

New poster for “You’re Beautiful”

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SBS Releases “You’re Beautiful” Poster Version 2 – Allkpop

Uee is getting so much exposure these days! (It’s fantastic but please share some with your other After School unnies!)

And Mr. Jang seems to be having a bad hair day…