The Old Man Series: B’z

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As someone who was practically raised an idol fan, it’s needless to say that whenever I tell someone that my favourite artist is B’z, it raises their eyebrow. I can understand why it’s surprising; B’z are rock, they’re artists; they’re musicians, and that’s definitely not something people are used to from me.

The first thing people ask me is ‘why?’ and to answer that is easy. I grew up an idol fan, so the first and most obvious answer for me is Koshi. Koshi Inaba, the 46 year old vocalist. The first thing related to B’z I saw was a photo, so of course, I was drawn in by how absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous he is. I don’t care that he’s older than my own father, I love him!

But the first time I listened to their music, I was a little put off. While Tak Matsumoto, the guitarist, is incredibly talented (and well known all over the world for those talents), Koshi’s voice is certainly unique and in my opinion, something you certainly have to work up to. It wasn’t until a year or two after I initially heard one of their songs that I actually began warming up to his voice and their music, thanks to their single Ichibu to Zenbu becoming the theme song for a drama I liked, Buzzer beat.

I absolutely loved that song, and it prompted me to download their newer albums and I quickly fell in love with their sound. I brought it up to a few of my friends, too, who directed me to some of their classics, which I was surprised to learn are a lot more loveable than their recent songs.

I think that once you get past the initial shock of how high pitched Koshi’s voice can get and how hard their sound can be sometimes, anyone can like B’z. Their songs are catchy and loveable, and like many of the idol groups I’ve grown so accustomed to, they have an amazing range of songs, from harder rock to a more pop-like sound. Songs like “Wonderful Opportunity” and “Koi-Gokoro” are the type of feel-good classics that anyone could sing along with.

B’z are legendary in Japan, and as long as it took me to realize why, I definitely think they deserve to be where they are. If you haven’t heard of them, or any of their songs, you should definitely give them a shot; I can assure you there’s something you’ll like hidden in there somewhere, especially for you wota who took the huge jump from American rock to Japanese idols. It’s a perfect balance!