V6 Nagano Hiroshi In Car Accident

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V6’s Hiroshi Nagano causes car accident – Tokyograph.

Apparently he had a rear end collision with an old lady. Huh? Who does he think he is, Kame?


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3 Responses to “V6 Nagano Hiroshi In Car Accident”
  1. Paulina says:

    He think he is a human being, just like you and me. Because he’s an artist doens’t mean he stopped to being a human!
    Any man could get into accident! Him, you, and me is not have a special protection to not get into accident!

  2. mousoufest says:

    You mean Ryo…

  3. Christian says:

    Everyone could makes mistake. And surely everyone could get into accident. As victim or maybe the cause. At least Nagano-san was honest.
    I knew some people who wouldn’t admit it honestly and even blamed other party as the cause.
    I feel sorry for Nagano-san. If he isn’t a star, people wouldn’t care about this case. Cause accident in a common thing. An accident without anyone hurted wouldn’t be attract everyone’s attention.
    So this wouldn’t change anything. Nagano-san aka Madoka Daigo in Ultraman Tiga would always be my hero.