The Church of Maasa Goes To The Movies

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The Church of Maasa: Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata! // 茉麻の教会.

Dran shares the news of Maasa getting a lead role in this live-action adaptation of an anime about a light-novel writer. (Got all that?) This is quite a coup for Maasa, and worshipers of the church should be excited. However, I was amused by Dran’s fear about Maasa not going too far with the romantic scenes, lest her wota be offended.

I suddenly had this image of Maasa being told the film is actually being made by fetish AV specialists Attackers and that she had to climb into one of their infamous torture-sex chairs. “Meet your co-star!” the director says, as they strap her into the stirrups and break out the various implements…