Selective Hearing Raids Hello! Store Again

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Hello! Store USA Raid 2 |.

Greg dives into the breach once again, this time to buy some Morning Musume concert goods. For some reason, this makes me wonder if the nature of GETS posts will change a little. It used to be difficult – and at times cost prohibitive – to get quality Jpop-related goods. Now with the store, the ease it provides to dive right in and inundate oneself with H!P goodness has made the process seem more mundane and within reach.

It’s kind of like watching an indie band start to make waves in the majors and on the charts. You’re ecstatic that people are beginning to realize how great they are, but a little part of you mourns the secret cachet it once held.

On the bright side, it’s not like Morning Musume is anywhere near popular (or even recognized) in mainstream America, so their obscurity indie cred still applies to the big picture!