Pink Wota Shares Thoughts On 60th Kouhaku Line-Up

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Pink Wota ยป [News] 60th Kouhaku Set to be Most Awesome EVER..

Vee is delighted that three major girl groups appear this time – Morning Musume, Perfume, and AKB48 – though she also notes a great deal of other Red Team goodness including the return of Amuro Namie. I’m not a fan of Superfly but I think she could bring the house down with the right song. Johnny’s is well represented by Arashi, TOKIO, and of course SMAP. Maybe SMAP can make the effort and follow the other two to the Johnny’s Countdown this time.

The one thing that strikes me is the dog that didn’t bark: I’m recognizing so many names on both team lists that it seems enka is getting very short shrift this time around. Coincidence? A deliberate appeal to younger viewers? Where’s Wada Akiko, at least?

Still, this IS very impressive. While I’m still anticipating Johnny’s Countdown more, there should be a great deal to enjoy on Kouhaku this time around.


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One Response to “Pink Wota Shares Thoughts On 60th Kouhaku Line-Up”
  1. Vee says:

    Keep in mind none of this is confirmed yet. They’ll probably throw in some enka acts when Namie turns down her invitation again. ๐Ÿ˜›