Morningtime Compares Sales Of Current H!P Acts

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Morning Musume, Berryz, C-ute, Mano & Buono sales comparisons « Morningtime.

Longtime Momusu fans have seen such comparison charts of sales numbers, and the general conventional wisdom pans out as expected. The only notable twist: Buono! is the only H!P Kids unit to surpass an MM single sales-wise.

It’s clear that the focus here is strictly current H!P acts – in which case, why not just cover MM in the past five years? But if you are going to look at MM overall, why not bring in the other big acts from H!P’s peak years – particularly Matsuura Aya and the subgroups Minimoni, Petit Moni, and Tanpopo? I think the bigger picture that emerges would actually reflect poorly on H!P as they stand now… but without the numbers, that’s just a hunch.

(And if you really wanna embarrass H!P, then contrast sales of H!P acts over five, ten years with similarly long-lived Johnny’s acts. Arashi versus MM would be particularly illuminating.)