Arashi’s Nino To Star In Gantz Movies

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Nino, MatsuKen star in live-action “Gantz” movies – Tokyograph.

Hey, he’s worked with Clint Eastwood, I’m sure he’ll be great in this. Or at the very least adorable, because Nino is always adorable!

And when I saw MatsuKen, I initially thought it was Matsudaira Ken and thought, “What a badass ┬áteamup! They can samba while being ultraviolent!” Alas, no, it’s some young actor who I’m sure doesn’t have a series of novelty hits of his own.

(And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check this out. We should all aspire to be as cool as MatsuKen. The real Matsuken, I mean.)