Yamapi Supposedly Dating Model

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Yamapi dating model Kagami? – Tokyograph.

Say it ain’t so, Yamapi! Don’t just think of your straight female fans, also think of all the straight male fans who’d go queer for you and only you!

Anyways, I bet that somewhere in Japan is a store selling out on hapa-looking voodoo dolls and very sharp needles…


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One Response to “Yamapi Supposedly Dating Model”
  1. I like him lots because of his mesmerising eyes. They’re so deep and rich in their colour 🙂 I think he is extremely cool and he has quite a seductive look, but I like him more for his extreme cute-ness sometimes.

    My favourite song has got to be Daite Senorita, the theme song for his drama, Kurosagi. It’s very catchy and upbeat. 🙂