Tsuyoshi and Kanjani8’s new variety show

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We learned that Kinki Kida’s Domoto Tsuyoshi (30) and Kanjani8 will start their own new regular variety program with TV Asahi on the 18th. Tsuyoshi’s “24 CH△NNEL (Tsuyo Channel)” starts on 10/07 Wed midnight at 01:21, and right after that will be Kanjani8’s “Kanpani”, which starts on the same day but at midnight 01:36.

“24” is a program where Tsuyoshi will challenge the 100 things that he wishes to accomplish in his life. His ambition is to “give lots of hope to people who watches the show”. “Kanpani” is an entertainment challenge program where Kanjani8 put in all their might for project like games. Member Maruyama (25) is enthusiastic that “It’s finally the time where we can show the “freedom” of Kanjani8 on TV!”

The members of both program will compose a single which will be the theme song of each show, so we can also see the artist/musician side of them.


Good news good news!! Now I won’t cry over Shindoi ending


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  1. Murr says:

    SWEEEEEEEET It’s about time Kanjani got their own Arashi-like game show. :3