Shihono Ryo: Eighteen Photos For Eighteen Years

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With Shihono Ryo turning eighteen, why not share eighteen photos of her? Here are some favorites, carefully chosen as to not offend too many sensibilities. (That’s for a later post.)

The Hawaiian-themed swimsuit is a big plus, though I’m pretty sure this wasn’t worn in her Ukelele DVD,

Another swimsuit shot of Ryo? How could that have happened? Surely we have some pics of her in…

No wait, here’s another swimsuit photo. I don’t know, they just keep popping up for some reason…

This is from Moecco – Ryo was a prominent model in the first three issues and has become one of their top DVD draws over the years. The smile is wonderful, and the pose, like she’s just relaxing after a long day of reading, writing, and swimsuit modeling.

The look on her face here is priceless – knowing, even mildly confrontational, while still giving a bit of a thrill.

More schoolgirl outfit shots, and again a great smile from her. Also, I think this is a really nice uniform, which actually does begin to factor into one’s thinking when staring at enough junior idol pics.

The almost-snarf shot.

This was an actual photograph enclosed with my copy of the Natural DVD. I think Ryo looks sad either because she’s a young singer-songwriter contemplating a new inspiration, or because she’s not allowed to wear a bikini and strike a sexy pose.

My absolute favorite Shihono Ryo photobook is Record – and there’s some very cute shots of the young Ryo included in that volume.

Here we can see that she’d actually make a very good U12 model if she’d wanted… Though honestly, I’m glad she started her career after puberty started kicking in.

And here’s the actual cover of Record, where she looks positively impish and grown-up.

One of my favorite shots of Ryo (again from Record), not only because of the cute school uniform but also because it’s taken through an open door. As a result, one gets a sense of voyeurism, of peeking in on Ryo undetected as she gets ready for her graduation.

Anglican? Anglican? Good Lord, I thought Ryo was an Episcopalian!

Nope. Based on that pose and the midriff, she’s Anglican all right.

I love the smile on this one. I mean, it’s the way I smile for the camera, too. Another sassy young Ryo pic from Record.

Robert Indiana, eat your heart out!

Oddly enough, what I like most about this shot is the cat walking by in the background. I imagine it thinking, “What the hell is that human doing, doesn’t she know she could get run over?”

Of course, one way to prevent getting run over while lying down on a street is to be surrounded by lots and lots of men with cameras. Taken from her third photobook, I like how this photo makes clear who her audience is and what they’re enticed by. Most all junior idol photobooks tend to shy away from showing their audience in an attempt to create a sense of intimacy between the reader and the idol – the “I’m posing for you and you alone” fantasy. This shot makes clear how much of a commodity Ryo is and her acceptance of that fact. If anything, she seems oblivious to the crowd, who certainly are desperate for her attention. In a way, it’s a hard dose of the ickier realities of her chosen career, but done in such a matter-of-fact matter that the viewer can judge for themselves how wrong or right the situation is.

So that’s eighteen photos. But let’s throw one more in for good measure…

Happy Ryo Day, Everyone!