Shanimuni Paradise On That Koha Grad Thing

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Woah woah woah. What? « Shanimuni Paradise.

Tsukiki shares her own take on the news, noting that the current 9-nin group is “a legendary Morning Musume lineup”, though specifying “not sales-wise, but internationally and landmark-wise”. Now, some wags would argue that the international outreach came precisely from not being able to do well enough with sales in their homeland and that the landmarks (like breaking certain records) were achieved only by hanging around long enough to pick up the scraps from the group’s formerly glorious reputation. Personally, I would argue that the Morning Musume in the public imagination – that is, the one that has assumed iconic status in Japan and can be called truly legendary – featured members that have fled the group a long, long time ago.

But maybe, just maybe, this 9-nin line-up will indeed be remembered as fondly, and be respected as much as the ones that brought us “Love Machine” and “The Peace!”. And if anyone idol’s responsible for that, it may well have been Koharu.