Selective Hearing Muses On The Loss Of Eyecandy From Momusu

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Kusumi Koharu Graduates From Morning Musume & H!P |.

Not surprisingly, I find it refreshing that Greg is up-front about mourning Koha’s graduation as a loss of eyecandy – I don’t think it’s shallow more than being attentive to what idols are all about. He then goes on to pay his own tribute to the Miracle Girl, while musing on the questions that are on every fan’s mind.

(And for the record: the largest Morning Musume line-up was 16 at Kei’s graduation concert – way after the Golden Age – and the 15-nin line-up that followed had Tsunku swear he’d never go that large again. Which is ironic, since the 15-nin created three of the best singles in the group’s history.)