Pata Triumphs Over “Stupid Ass Wotas” At AKB-NYAF

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Apparently traumatized by his experiences at Anime Expo, Pata went on the offensive for NYAF and made sure he had as unique an experience as possible without any “stupid ass wotas” (isn’t wota plural without an s?) fucking things up. The result: an individual meeting with four of the top girls of AKB48, a gift from the girls (instead of the other way around), and first place on the autograph session while in cosplay costume.

I was going to call Pata the Madara of NYAF, but he far exceeded that. He is now sui generis in what he accomplished in the annals of wota-dom. And this while sticking it to stupid ass wota-dom.

I think the only thing missing here is Pata actually pointing at Haruna and yelling “My wife!” directly at her. She’d probably have submitted to his every whim, considering the way his day was going.


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2 Responses to “Pata Triumphs Over “Stupid Ass Wotas” At AKB-NYAF”
  1. Pata’s so badass, cosplayers suck his dick while in character!

    Pata’s so badass, AKB48 got impregnated just by looking at him!

    Pata’s so badass, Studio Gainax designed a nineteenth Angel after him!

    … Anyone else wanna join in?

  2. Pata says:

    That’s a good point about plurals.

    The first time the phrase “stupid ass wotas” was used, was when Hello! Online was bitching about the pervyness of Hello! Island.

    Then H!I stole the phrase and made it their own.

    That’s it’s always been pluralized. XD