Pata Ridicules Otaku-Wota Rivalry

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Actually, you’re all a bunch of pathetic losers « Delicious Cake Project!.

Pata is on a roll, as he now decides to tackle the idiotic rivalry between otaku and wota that he’s witnessed at recent events. He points out all the ways such snobbery and hate isn’t only sad but self-defeating. And of course, this extends beyond AX and NYAF – at Comic Con this year, there was a good deal of friction between comics fans and the Twilight fans.

The one thing that’s missing from his essay is consideration of why such rivalries exist in the first place. What is the psychology of one kind of geek looking down on other kinds of geek? From my own experiences with such narrow-mindedness (and as someone who speaks fanboy, wota, otaku, and theory-head with some fluency), I’m thinking it’s a lack of self-esteem that forces the geek in question to cling a bit too much to his or her supposed expertise.

The identity of the geek is tied into the specific hobby and a finely nurtured sense of expertise derived from spending way too much time on that particular hobby. For the insecure and insular-minded, this intense head-up-ass situation reaches the point where anything that threatens the much-valued faux connosieurship is attacked for whatever reasons are handy. They don’t want to believe that their hobby is “just” a hobby, not by being compared to similar groups (which of course, they claim are nothing like their own group – this despite all the obvious evidence that can be heaped together) and not by the notion that one can casually enjoy that geek experience and just leave it at that (at which point, you’re not a purist or not expert enough). Being socially maladjusted, they mistake hair-trigger combativeness and self-serving elitism as “being passionate”.

In short, it’s no longer about enjoying one’s hobby. It’s about hiding behind it and not letting anyone peek around that hobby to see just how insecure and pathetic and lacking you think you are. And this doesn’t just apply to the obvious geek pursuits, but also to sports fans, indie music of all stripes, film buffs… If you can’t openly love and generously share your hobby, then it’s not making you truly happy – it’s just giving you an excuse to look down on others for fear of the same being done to you.

Pata understands this innately and shared his love of AKB accordingly. Our community would be better served if we can all do the same.