Minna Star Rises Up From The Dead To Attend AKB-NYAF Concert

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The one you didn’t see coming. « みんな☆.

I seriously thought Kimitsu had left blogging, but apparently she was just waiting for the right momentous event to bring her back. AKB48 in New York was just that event. She attended the concert with two friends, including another MIA blogger (Samantha from Egao YES Idols, another blog I miss a great deal), even though Kimitsu herself isn’t much of an AKB fan.

And unlike Pata, Kimitsu had to suffer the slings and arrows of stupid ass wota during the concert. She writes in her lively, snarky, skewering manner of what she had to endure, and that makes it okay. The concert itself sounds pretty appealing, even under her critical gaze, though I bet she wishes she could have tasered Mister Too Tall And Jumpy. Repeatedly.