I’m Back!

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But not for long.

I’ve been wanting to go back to regular blogging for a while now, and had some ideas of how to approach it. When I found out Shihono Ryo’s eighteenth birthday was looming near, I knew it was time to pull the trigger and go ahead. There are few events in my wota life as significant as a legendary junior idol reaching her symbolic (if not legal) majority, and I’d be remiss if I let that pass by.

So here’s Dolorous Haze, where each week we’ll feature a new idol or idol group with articles exploring some facet of their work. Like Pleasure Principled from the first part of this year, Dolorous Haze is an experiment with specific goals and limits in mind. Namely, there are specific long-term writing projects I want to complete (the same projects that have been lingering for over a year now), and when I’m done with those projects this blog will close.

I could lie and say that I hope this blog runs forever, but who are we kidding? I have a well-established history of starting blogs and shutting them down within a matter of months, only to start over again with a new version or a completely new domain. This way, I turn a vice into a virtue by providing a clear framework and objectives before calling it quits. So with any luck, this site will last till early 2010 and then it’s on to fresh woods and pastures new.

To make sure I get some decent traffic to this site, I’ve asked three experienced bloggers to contribute: Vee from Pink Wota, Ethan from Radiant Dawn, and Misa from J-Excite. They’ll be helping me with the linkwhoring (something I really should’ve done with P2), and contributing longer pieces as well.

So settle in, enjoy the ride, and let’s hope I don’t get restless too quickly!


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  1. glad to have you back in the fold(even on a limited time basis)..hasn’t been the same without you!


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