For CK, Clothes Make The Wota At AKB-NYAF

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CK’s Day Out…The New York Anime Festival (Pt. 1 of 2) – Vox.

Dashing and debonair CK gives us his account of the first half of his trip to New York to see AKB48. There’s a good deal of interaction with the idols, who mingled with fans quite generously and took a particular interest in CK’s AKB48/NHK T-shirt. The brilliance of this strategy can be seen in CK’s descriptions of suddenly finding six AKB members chatting with him and his friends in a casual manner. Moments like that are near impossible to come by in the idol world, and yet AKB went out of their way to provide such memories for their fans.

Looking forward to the second half of his account, especially the part where he finishes off a night at Scores with a┬átrip to the cardboard condos under the Midtown Tunnel to score some crack and party with tranny hookers. Because we all know that’s the real tourist appeal of Manhattan, amirite?