Eighteen More Ryo Photos

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While the photos from the previous post are all quite nice, I admit to holding back on the racier pictures that have made Ryo such a favorite among idol watchers. This members-only selection (just register and you’re in!) has a nice selection of Ryo at her full junior idol glory.

A great imouto.tv shot.

This one’s from Moecco…

As is this one.

This shot from Moecco is my ¬†absolute favorite of Ryo. I love the fact that she’s laughing and that there’s manga strewn across the mattress and that she’s dressed so scantily. It’s like she’s enjoying a day off by catching up on her comic book reading, which is something I can truly appreciate.

Ryo goes for sultry in this shot, and succeeds.

This is the photo from one of her Moecco DVDs. If we ignore the jutting hip bone, it’s quite sexy.

Now for some shots from Record. While the baby pics are adorable, there’s some interesting looks that stretch the boundaries of what she’d done previously.

This one, for example, makes her look like a hooker from some bad eighties teen movie. Is it her best looking costume? Not by a long shot. But it’s a welcome change from swimsuits and seifuku.

And here’s her rocker chick look.

And here’s the outfit she wore for the cover of Record. I like the sweetness of this shot – when she does panty flashes, she often makes it seem like completely innocent things. It’s a typical junior idol trope, but she does it especially well.

Two more from Record

… Yeah. Words fail me.

The following are from Ryo Season, another great photobook…

I love this shot.

Ryo gets a little wet, again from Ryo Season.

A couple shots from 15’s Way To Grow Up, which is one of the more generic photobooks in her later career but which still has a few standout pics.

Here, Ryo apparently re-enacts a lost scene from Platoon or Bridge Over the River Kwai. I’m not sure which.

From the Robert Indiana LOVE shoot, Ryo poses with a pylon.

Wait, we’re at eighteen photos already? Okay, let’s throw in an extra six for the six years she graced the world as a junior idol!

These are taken from her third photobook, which is another of her best efforts.

A great one-piece shot.

The always-popular girl-gets-wet-while-wearing-seifuku, given a twist by Ryo drying herself out some.

Long before Okamoto Rei’s “Railroad Star”, Ryo was hanging out on the tracks, striking a pose.

This goes all the way back to her first photobook.¬†I usually like to look at Ryo’s face, but this shot is a nice one of her butt. Also, love the tie dyed blanket.

Oh wait, here’s a shot of her pretty face and her butt. Okay, that’s the best of both worlds.

And again, Happy Ryo Day to everyone! Now that I’ve purged myself of all the picspam I can handle, we can move along.