Why Have Plus?

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While I’ve kept easter eggs and hidden lairs in previous iterations of Cult of Pop / American Wota, I’ve finally set up a subscriber-only section.

The original impetus was actually straightforward: I’m sharing videos from The Vault and need to protect myself. There will be one video available on the front page at all times, accessible to anyone. However, when I switch to a new video, the old one becomes available only as a subscriber-only Plus Video. I may also occasionally post new videos directly into the Plus Video section just for the hell of it.

The reasons for this are obvious: part of it is potential bandwidth concerns, part of it is getting the wrong kind of attention if videos are too readily available, and part of it has to do with pride. It’s one thing to have people coming to this site, playing the Wota Distractions, and never reading anything I write – I have no problem with that. But the thought of people coming to this site just to watch some videos and neither play the Distractions nor read what I write… well, I’d be pretty unhappy if that occurred.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of a full Subscriber-only section beyond the videos. This would be a good place to post some of my less circumspect posts: if I ever returned to Berikyuu Watch or anything like it, Plus would be where I’d stick it, along with the Hidden Lair stuff. I can also do some nifty things like unedited versions of Shuffle chat logs, which I did with CFB’s. Also, if I ever get around to writing my Jpop metanarratives book or that wota novel I’d been talking about forever, I can print extra excerpts here.

And by having subscribers, I’ll also have a better idea of how many dedicated readers I have, and maybe even meet some people who’ve not introduced me but had been following my blogs for a while. (A few dropped me a line during my recent hiatus.) I’m not going to sell your e-mails to spammers or anything like that. However, a large enough subscriber base may make me want to monetize this site with an advertisement or two. Maybe.

So thank you for subscribing in the first place, and I hope that your experience both on the main section and in the Plus section will be enjoyable!


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  1. Rocky says:

    I feel special. =D