This Was Supposed To Be 3.5

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So when I decided to shut down Ame Wota 3.0 at the start of June, I figured I’d return in a couple weeks with a renewed commitment to… well, whatever I was doing. I also decided to take a break from Intl Wota at the same time (more of which next week), so it became something of a blogging vacation for me. Then a lot of real life stuff happened and my time away from blogging ran longer than initially planned. I began thinking, if that’s the case, this shouldn’t just be a break, this should be a fresh start of some sort – 3.5, say, since I was keeping the theme but making minor changes in what I’d write about.

Then I did discover a new theme, fell in love with it, and thought, “Fuck it, let’s start over with a clean a slate as possible.” And that’s when 3.5 became 4.0.

I can’t help it. Finding a new theme has a way of making me rethink how to approach my blogging; it’s the online equivalent of “fresh woods and pastures new”. The theme for 3.0 marked the shift to a “magazine style” blogging (emphasizing the range of categories over the linearity of the posts) which opened up some new possibilities. It was a good idea, but my execution of it was spotty at best. The theme for 4.0 continues the magazine style and keeps most of the same categories (in spirit if not in name). However, it has a layout which encourages a greater sense of routine (the home page’s top tier of category posts) as well as playing up the instant gratification aspects even further. I want serious articles for readers to mull over and consider, but also as much goofy shit as I can come up with for the Wota Distractions – the more distracting, the better.

A few notes on the new approach. There are some new Wota Distractions up, most notably new Rankers. Please have fun with them. The front page material – the video, the AW LOLZ, the Quick Distraction – will be updated every two or three days. There will be new posts every weekday with (keep your fingers crossed!) Features on Monday, Shuffles on Tuesdays, PV Spotlight on Wednesdays, Wotalicious on Thursdays, and Meta on Fridays. So it’s an actual schedule. Place your bets on how long that will last.

I intend to stick with version 4.0 for as long as my attention span can handle it. Which may mean 5.0 will debut this Christmas after another three-month hiatus, but we’ll see. Maybe it won’t last that long. Or maybe I’ve finally hit my sweet spot and we’ll be looking at this theme and its general blogging approach well into the next year and everyone – myself, you, the random person looking for nekkid Shihono Ryo pics (but not finding them – repeat, I have no nekkid Shihono Ryo pics here) – will still find it pleasing and productive.

Hey, it could happen.


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3 Responses to “This Was Supposed To Be 3.5”
  1. Rocky says:

    YES! RAY IS BACK! <3

    /foot massage

  2. CJ Marsicano says:

    Welcome back, brother. You’ve been away too long.

  3. Ray’s back blogging and now the world is a better place