The Misa Chat Unedited

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Here’s the unedited version of my chat with Misa, more jumbled up but livelier and funnier for it. And don’t foget to visit Cutie Party!

Session Start: Mon Sep 15 01:25 2008

Session Ident: misaaa

<AmeWota> Good Afternoon, Misa.

<misaaa> Sup Ray.

<AmeWota> Okay, in the main wotachat room you just recounted something hilarious.

<AmeWota> So.

<AmeWota> Let’s start from there, and see where it takes us.

<misaaa> Okay

<misaaa> You start >>;

<AmeWota> It’s YOUR story.

<misaaa> Oh

<AmeWota> Or Wendy’s.

<misaaa> Wendy saw and egg and what like “What the fuck is that”



<AmeWota> Okay.

<AmeWota> And then she said…

<misaaa> “She has an AKB look to her. And by AKB look, I mean she’s ugly”

<AmeWota> And I found that hilarious.

<misaaa> I did too man.

<AmeWota> Because to me, the AKB girls aren’t ugly.

<AmeWota> The Seeds are fugly.

<AmeWota> The main AKB girls are kinda slutty looking, maybe.

<misaaa> I think most of them are..

<misaaa> they have like

<AmeWota> Now, the icing on the cake was how you figured out who the good-looking AKB idols are…

<misaaa> Oh kay

<misaaa> There are some pretty AKB girls

<misaaa> but its like “They have H!P look to them. And by H!P look, I mean they’re actually pretty”

<AmeWota> so basically, H!P girls are pretty and AKB girls are ugly.

<misaaa> thats how I see it

<AmeWota> and the AKB girls who look pretty are flukes because they look like H!P girls.

<misaaa> But Tsunku is ruining it with the ugly eggs.

<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> Eggs should be made AKB, and pretty AKB’s should be made H!P

<AmeWota> You’d like to see a trade-off.

<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> I saw one hot girl with a calender. I dunno her name.

<AmeWota> Okay, now I have to assume you hadn’t read my AKB post yet.

<misaaa> She should be in H!P.

<AmeWota> Which one was that?

<misaaa> no

<misaaa> I have no idea!

<misaaa> She’s hot though

<misaaa> one er second

<AmeWota> Because I wrote about how each jpop collective seems to have a certain general look to them.

<misaaa> ohh okay

<AmeWota> And this fits what I was saying.

<misaaa> I should read it

<AmeWota> So that’s pretty funny in itself.

<AmeWota> Nah, it’s crap.

<AmeWota> Anyways, let’s do some quick flash cards, alright?

<misaaa> This is where I’m a suck up and say nothing by you is crap

<misaaa> …ok

<AmeWota> Why?

<AmeWota> I’ll give you a link, you tell me if the AKB is pretty or ugly.

<misaaa> because nothing by you is crap.

<AmeWota> Stop!

<misaaa> …okay wut?

<AmeWota> I produce tons of crap.

<AmeWota> Anyways.


<AmeWota> Pretty or ugly?

<misaaa> while it loads..

<misaaa> averagely pretty.


<misaaa> not H!P, but pretty.

<misaaa> Creepy

<misaaa> that one is creepy.


<misaaa> in all seriousness, I think she’s a 40 yr old prison escapee.

<AmeWota> She’s the youngest AKB, I think.

<misaaa> omg is she the half girl? Yeah, she’s effing creepy.

<misaaa> I’ve seen other pictures of her.

<AmeWota> So maybe she’s actually a midget hiding from the law by being a pedo idol?

<misaaa> She can stay away from H!P


<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> Pretty, but I’m scared of what I’ll find when she opens her mouth


<misaaa> Reminds me of Mai Satoda minus Botox, so pretty.



<AmeWota> oh? what’s her name?

<misaaa> I dunno

<misaaa> but I like that girl in the red hat. Pretty

<misaaa> It’s on this kids profile

<AmeWota> That’s the top idol of AKB, Acchan.

<misaaa> I like her

<misaaa> she should be in H!P

<AmeWota> Oh, the calendar girl is Acchan too!

<misaaa> so she can leave AKB, and make it fall into the ground where they will rename themselves the Hello! Project eggs or sth

<misaaa> Wow its the same girl

<AmeWota> She’s seen getting nekkid and waiting in bed, presumably for some guy, in the video I looked at.

<misaaa> wow srs.

<misaaa> She’s waiting for you, Ray.

<AmeWota> Does that change your opinion of her?

<misaaa> not really.

<AmeWota> Okay, moving on…

<misaaa> ok..


<misaaa> odd looking. Dont like her

<AmeWota> now this one, i said looked like an H!P Egg.

<AmeWota> or was I wrong?

<misaaa> She looks like a H!P egg

<misaaa> but H!P eggs look like AKB

<misaaa> so she looks like..right, yknow?

<AmeWota> Right.

<misaaa> Right.


<misaaa> creepy

<AmeWota> Creepy in what way?

<misaaa> she looks oddly proportioned

<AmeWota> Ears are imbalanced, what?

<misaaa> yeah

<misaaa> and her mouth looks weird

<AmeWota> That was a joke, I didn’t mean that…

<AmeWota> oh wait, she DOES have the huge ears thing going.

<misaaa> Well srs

<AmeWota> but aren’t huge ears on an idol VERY SEXY?

<misaaa> omg ray

<misaaa> NOT FOR ME.

<AmeWota> so maybe it’s just me.

<misaaa> Except Airi, whos got the cute Trophy head thing going..

<AmeWota> like, you can grab her by the ears and hoist her in the air

<AmeWota> and fill her head with gatorade and dunk it on the coach?

<misaaa> SUUURE.

<AmeWota> i’ve had that fantasy.


<misaaa> I was just thinking her ears were big like a trophy’s

<AmeWota> trophies don’t have ears.

<misaaa> as much as I like her headband, she creeps me out

<misaaa> They could Ray

<misaaa> those handle things

<AmeWota> She’s creepy in the same way as the last one?

<misaaa> no

<misaaa> she’s all squinting her eyes

<misaaa> like, imgonnaeatyobabies, yknow?

<AmeWota> oh, so the Linlin Stare.

<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> and the nakasaki stare

<misaaa> Oh, interesting news,

<misaaa> Yossie has a problem with her jaw. She cant open her mouth wide enough for you, Ray

<AmeWota> when did this become news?

<AmeWota> is she gonna be okay?

<misaaa> no, its a problem she has had her whole life.

<misaaa> I dont really understand it, but its still interesting.

<misaaa> Apparently, she might have TMJ?!

<misaaa> I dunno what TMJ is.

<AmeWota> Ayaya had TMJ too, didn’t she?

<AmeWota> okay, we’re getting derailed.


<misaaa> yeah because of her small fa—-yeah

<AmeWota> wait, can Yossie still perform?

<misaaa> she reminds me of erika

<misaaa> but creepy

<AmeWota> Which Erika?

<misaaa> Yeah Ray, shes had it her whole life. It was brought up in an interview

<misaaa> C-ute erika

<AmeWota> oh.

<misaaa> yaaa.

<AmeWota> i can see more of Miyoshi than Umeda in this pic.

<misaaa> I think now that I look, I see both

<AmeWota> but i think Miyoshi is hot, so that’s where my bias comes in.

<AmeWota> okay, these last three –

<AmeWota> I think they’re examples of how AKB has that general look.

<misaaa> Okay

<AmeWota> like, I could easily mistake the second and third,

<AmeWota> and if I’m lazy, Kojima too, for each other.

<misaaa> I mistake like all of them

<AmeWota> Do you see that, or is it just me?

<misaaa> What

<AmeWota> Okay, but is a general pattern seeming to emerge for you from looking at them like this?

<misaaa> I never got that

<misaaa> if you snet it

<misaaa> I never got it..

<misaaa> sent**

<AmeWota> sent what?

<misaaa> OHH

<misaaa> I GET IT

<misaaa> Okay

<misaaa> Yeah, I think they all look kinda similar

<misaaa> like

<misaaa> like, how I confused miki and Aichan in the sexy boy PV, yknow.

<AmeWota> Ah.

<misaaa> But Hello! Project, everyone is different,

<misaaa> they dont look similar, there’s no general look in H!P

<AmeWota> Do you think that’s because you got a chance to know them?

<AmeWota> That if you got to know AKB, maybe they’ll stand out as individuals more?

<misaaa> you go from like Kei, who’s downright creepy, to Sayumi, whos cute, yknow…

<misaaa> I tried to

<misaaa> I like some of their songs, especially the one where their school uniforms are in the way

<AmeWota> But it didn’t work for you.

<misaaa> but I looked deeper in and I found nothing that really interested me

<misaaa> I was pulled into H!P pretty much right away, save for Minimoni

<AmeWota> What were you looking for, do you think?

<misaaa> who scared the shit out of me and still do.

<misaaa> Something different

<AmeWota> Different from H!P?

<misaaa> Different in general

<AmeWota> Do you think H!P has that difference?

<misaaa> but AKB either comes across as trying to be something they’re not, or trying to be H!P

<misaaa> yeah, I do..

<misaaa> There’s The Peace, Resonant Blue, and then Hyokkori

<AmeWota> So you don’t think that AKB trying to be edgier or sexier is effective?

<misaaa> its all different to me and I love it.

<AmeWota> Oh, the MUSIC. I never consider the music.

<misaaa> Its effective for some, but not for me..

<misaaa> I mean the way they act, Dave

<misaaa> RAY

<misaaa> I MEAN RAY

<AmeWota> Dave?

<AmeWota> DAVE?

<misaaa> My mana…I’m loling so hard

<AmeWota> are you somebody else’s protege behind myback?

<misaaa> no I’m sure Dave hates me

<AmeWota> Your mana?

<misaaa> manager

<AmeWota> Like in Final Fantasy?

<misaaa> at work

<misaaa> no lolol D:

<AmeWota> Oh God, so you associate me with your manager at work.

<misaaa> NO

<misaaa> it slipped out.

<AmeWota> okay, let’s end with three final head shots…

<misaaa> Okay


<AmeWota> I’m gonna drink myself into a stupor now.


<AmeWota> Okay, seriously, three more.

<misaaa> Okay


<misaaa> CREEEEEPY. But she has that kinda, lost puppy look to her

<AmeWota> So you don’t find her attractive.

<misaaa> No, but shes kinda cute in the “awww” way

<AmeWota> Okay.


<misaaa> fucking creepy.

<misaaa> She can stay away from idol stuff in general.

<AmeWota> Attractive creepy or creepy creepy?

<AmeWota> Really?

<misaaa> creepy creepy

<misaaa> Yeah

<AmeWota> here’s another shot of her…


<misaaa> thats even creepier

<AmeWota> you don’t think that’s sexy?

<misaaa> she should keep her mouth closed and wax her eyebrows :X

<AmeWota> oh dear.

<AmeWota> okay, one last one.


<misaaa> ok

<misaaa> her nose is massive, but I think she could be like, in melon

<AmeWota> melon kinenbi.

<misaaa> shes not pretty, but she has that kinda quality to her look

<misaaa> yeah

<AmeWota> you don’t like the nose.

<misaaa> Its big

<AmeWota> here’s another shot of her


<misaaa> but I have nothing wrong with it

<misaaa> shes pretty. Definitely H!P material

<AmeWota> Really?

<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> Not like, MM, berryz or C-ute material, but H!P materia

<misaaa> l

<AmeWota> so not flagship group or anything.

<AmeWota> but somewhere in the mix.

<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> I’d like to see her in Happy! Project,

<misaaa> those girls are fugly but I like them

<AmeWota> So this one belongs with the likeable, fugly girls.

<misaaa> she’d look good there though

<misaaa> yeah but she’d look better than the other Happy! style girls..

<AmeWota> Anyways, those last three girls are my favorite AKBs.

<AmeWota> You broke my heart, Misa!

<misaaa> LOL SORRY.

<AmeWota> You broke it!

<misaaa> That reminds me of that one time

<misaaa> I was like

<AmeWota> Kachoowww!

<misaaa> “Saturns are fugly dad”

<AmeWota> And you Dad bought a Saturn.

<misaaa> “I used to have a saturn, melissa.”

<misaaa> “That doesnt stop them from being fugly, dad..”

<AmeWota> Hahahaha.

<misaaa> you guessed wrong Ray

<AmeWota> Anyways, having looked at a bunch of AKB girls,

<misaaa> they’re like his favorite cars though lololol.

<AmeWota> the main comments you had were creepy and pretty.

<AmeWota> not ugly.

<misaaa> creepy can mean ugly to me

<AmeWota> oh, dammit.

<AmeWota> there went the follow-up.

<AmeWota> So.

<misaaa> like that one girl with the teeth and the eyebrows is ugly to me.

<misaaa> but not all of them are ugly

<AmeWota> Kojima Haruna?

<AmeWota> She’s been doing a lot of dramas lately.

<misaaa> they’re just not pretty enough for H!P. They should make an army with Kei and Linlin or something

<misaaa> does she get picked on in said dramas?

<AmeWota> Army of creepy idols.

<misaaa> I wouldnt be surprised..

<misaaa> Yeah

<AmeWota> No, in Yasuko to Kenji she’s picking on the heroine.

<misaaa> shes obviously insecure then

<AmeWota> She’s the pretty girl that others envy.

<misaaa> what

<misaaa> why

<AmeWota> In that drama.

<misaaa> what the hell

<misaaa> holy crap Ray why dont I believe you

<misaaa> maybe she looks better in action

<misaaa> like Kaori

<AmeWota> Because I lie to you all the time, Misa.

<misaaa> kaori looks creepy in pictures,

<AmeWota> But not in this case.

<misaaa> but she looks good in videos

<misaaa> yeah

<AmeWota> Bonus Pic: one word opinions on all five girls in this photo.


<AmeWota> one word opinion on each girl, that is.

<misaaa> wannabe, ears, hot, cute, thekannaofthegroup

<misaaa> IN ORDER.

<AmeWota> kanna of the group?

<misaaa> poses weirdly, but is pretty,

<AmeWota> ah.

<misaaa> I couldnt sum that up in one word

<AmeWota> the wannabe is the one you think belongs in Happy! Style.

<misaaa> Really?

<misaaa> I lol’d

<AmeWota> The one I started a worship blog for.

<misaaa> she looks like a bit of a wannabe.

<AmeWota> Oh, my heart is breaking again, Misa!

<misaaa> like, her mouth

<misaaa> dude Ray

<misaaa> I gtg.

<AmeWota> Okay.

<AmeWota> Thanks!

<misaaa> Cyl,

<misaaa> No problem was fun

<misaaa> byee

<AmeWota> Take care!