Something To Tide You Over

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I’m not going to post anything besides the LOLZ and some Links this week, mostly because I’m getting swamped with real life stuff. This is gonna happen once in a while, though I’ll try to limit these lapses as much as possible.

However, Plus subscribers deserve more than warmed-over smut jokes and blogrolling, so below is something special from the vault: the Morning Musume / T&C Bomber NHK concert from 1999. This is Golden Age Momusu at its finest, with behind-the-scenes footage, as well as performances by Tanpopo, Yuko solo… Oh, and the T&C Bomber parts are pretty good, too. Though yeah, I usually skip those sections.

I must confess, making this large an FLV file was something of an experiment to see how it’d turn out. It turned out okay enough, and there’s other long-form videos waiting in the wings. So enjoy! And we’ll be back to regularly scheduled stuff next week.

[flv: 300 240]


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One Response to “Something To Tide You Over”
  1. Charmy Risuzu says:

    I’d probably concentrate on the T&C parts, so I suppose I’ll take up the slack in that department.;)