The Obnoxious Wota Chat Unedited

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While this version is more scattered, I like it a little better because I come across as more of a dick towards CFB. And there’s something about being a dick towards CFB that holds a deep, deep appeal to me. And again, make sure to visit his site at Obnoxious Wota.

Session Start: Sun Sep 07 20:53:31 2008

Session Ident: CatchFiveBats

<AmeWota> good evening, cfb.

<CatchFiveBats> Good evening, Ray.

<AmeWota> let’s start with the chosen topic.

<CatchFiveBats> Okey-doke.


<CatchFiveBats> : O

<AmeWota> TELL ME!!!!


<CatchFiveBats> uhhhhhhhhhhhh

<AmeWota> AHA!


<CatchFiveBats> Well, for me personally, it’s all still pretty fresh and new.

<CatchFiveBats> XD

<AmeWota> Oh.

<AmeWota> Okay.

<CatchFiveBats> I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

<AmeWota> Wait, when did you start again? It’s been less than a year.

<CatchFiveBats> I got into Berryz in June of 2007.

<CatchFiveBats> That and C-ute were my only interests until December or so.

<AmeWota> And apres Berryz, le deluge.

<CatchFiveBats> At which time I branched out into Momusu and so forth.

<AmeWota> or something like that.

<CatchFiveBats> haha

<CatchFiveBats> I don’t know what you said, but sure.

<CatchFiveBats> XD

<AmeWota> So you’re exploring backwards and finding interesting things, right?

<CatchFiveBats> Definitely

<AmeWota> I know you discovered the Folk Songs recently…

<CatchFiveBats> Yeah.

<CatchFiveBats> I’ve only really listened to FS3.

<CatchFiveBats> But I’ve got the others on my computer.

<CatchFiveBats> I definitely am interested in FS1.

<CatchFiveBats> *FS2

<AmeWota> So there’s a whole history to look back on.

<CatchFiveBats> Absolutely.

<AmeWota> But do you feel this past year’s output has matched up to that history?

<CatchFiveBats> The past year?

<CatchFiveBats> I think the Kids have been doing quite a few interesting things.

<AmeWota> Dressing up as monkeys.

<CatchFiveBats> But the flagship group(s) have definitely died down.

<CatchFiveBats> XD

<AmeWota> Ripping off old German Eurotrash disco.

<AmeWota> Speaking into vases.

<CatchFiveBats> Hey, I happen to enjoy the eyecandy Berikyuu provides.

<AmeWota> By flagship group, you mean Morning Musume.

<CatchFiveBats> XD

<CatchFiveBats> Yeah, Momusu, Ayaya (in a sense…).

<CatchFiveBats> Basically everything but the Kids have been pretty much inactive.

<CatchFiveBats> Momusu not quite as much…

<CatchFiveBats> But Ayaya, Yuuko, Nacchi, Melon Kinenbi…

<AmeWota> For some reason I can’t shake, I’m just not as interested in H!P as I was before.

<CatchFiveBats> mmm…

<CatchFiveBats> It comes and goes for me.

<AmeWota> So there are times when you DON’T feel as interested.

<CatchFiveBats> Every now and then, yes.

<CatchFiveBats> But I rarely spend more than a day or two away from H!P before I dive right back in.

<AmeWota> What brings you back?

<CatchFiveBats> That’s a good question…

<AmeWota> Is it any one aspect in particular, or any one idol?

<CatchFiveBats> I don’t know if I really lose interest, so much as get burnt out on it.

<AmeWota> I mean, for me, if Momoko wasn’t around… pffft…

<CatchFiveBats> hahaha

<CatchFiveBats> Miki’s a big part of my interest atm.

<CatchFiveBats> And has been for a long time.

<AmeWota> Ass To Mouth?

<CatchFiveBats> Yes.

<CatchFiveBats> Of course.

<AmeWota> Well, Miki makes for great fapping.

<CatchFiveBats> Anyway, sadly, I’ve listened to her earlier solo stuff so much, it’s hard to sit down and listen to it.

<CatchFiveBats> I’m dying for more material from her…

<AmeWota> Too much repetition?

<AmeWota> How do you feel about her latest single, then?

<CatchFiveBats> I love it.

<CatchFiveBats> I hope she ends up with another one by the end of the year.

<CatchFiveBats> My biggest fear is that she stops releasing anything music-wise.

<AmeWota> So Miki keeps you going. Anything else?

<CatchFiveBats> mmm

<AmeWota> You said the H!P Kids were doing interesting things, then I said some dickish things.

<CatchFiveBats> hahaha

<AmeWota> But do you believe they ARE headed in the right direction?

<CatchFiveBats> Possibly, yes.

<CatchFiveBats> If anything keeps H!P afloat at this point, it’ll be the Kids.

<AmeWota> Really?

<CatchFiveBats> Momusu is dead, really…

<CatchFiveBats> I dunno, we’ll see what happens.

<AmeWota> So the news that they’re covering Pink Lady doesn’t excite you?

<CatchFiveBats> Actually, it really does.

<CatchFiveBats> XD

<CatchFiveBats> I spent a good half hour today listen to different versions and so forth.


<CatchFiveBats> OH JESUS I’M SORRY

<CatchFiveBats> I’m excited to see what it sounds like.


<AmeWota> How about Resonant Blue? Did you like that?

<CatchFiveBats> I dunno, sometimes I wonder why I’m still in this thing.

<CatchFiveBats> I did, yeah…but I don’t listen to it that much.

<CatchFiveBats> It was a great song, definitely.

<CatchFiveBats> But I hardly ever listen to it anymore.

<AmeWota> Do you listen to any Momusu, recent or classic, with regularity? 

<CatchFiveBats> Oh, yeah.

<AmeWota> I dunno.

<CatchFiveBats> I listen to their 4th-8th albums at least once every two weeks, spattered about.

<CatchFiveBats> In the car.

<AmeWota> Ah.

<CatchFiveBats> I’ll usually listen to 2 or 3 in a row.

<CatchFiveBats> Most of my listening happens in the car, since it’s a 25-minute drive to work and a 40-minute drive to school.

<CatchFiveBats> I’ve got lots of listening time there.

<CatchFiveBats> >.<

<AmeWota> Right, I listen to J-music when I drive, too.

<CatchFiveBats> mmm

<AmeWota> But it’s not been H!P lately.

<AmeWota> Mostly Kishidan and Bennie K and SweetS, actually.

<AmeWota> But this idea of H!P Kids being the future… why do you think that’s the case?

<CatchFiveBats> The only thing I’ve listened to besides H!P in the last year has been a little bit of DEVO, some noise in the evenings…and maybe one or two other things in the shower.

<CatchFiveBats> I listen to essentially nothing but H!P.

<CatchFiveBats> But about your question.

<CatchFiveBats> The Berryz vs C-ute concert was one of the better concerts I’ve seen recently, H!P-wise.

<CatchFiveBats> I haven’t watched the Momusu Single Daizenshuu…but from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t sound amazing…

<AmeWota> I forgot all about that…

<CatchFiveBats> I still feel an energy and freshness there that’s completely absent from live Momusu performances.

<CatchFiveBats> I think the members of Momusu know that the group is past its prime…and it shows in their demeanor during performances and so forth.

<AmeWota> Really?

<AmeWota> Any specific examples?

<CatchFiveBats> Not off the top of my head.

<AmeWota> Just a general overall feeling?

<CatchFiveBats> mhmm

<CatchFiveBats> There was a Korean documentary I saw about Momusu recently.

<CatchFiveBats> With footage of their concert tour in Korea.

<CatchFiveBats> And it just looked…bleh…

<CatchFiveBats> There was so little energy.

<AmeWota> And this as opposed to the Kids.

<CatchFiveBats> Yes.

<CatchFiveBats> The Kids, and Golden Age Momusu.

<AmeWota> Those are the twin stars that dominate your H!P fandom?

<CatchFiveBats> I don’t know about that, particularly…

<CatchFiveBats> It’s funny, in the car, I almost never listen to the Kids.

<AmeWota> So when do you pay attention to them, then?

<AmeWota> Videos, Berikyuu episodes?

<CatchFiveBats> Yup.

<CatchFiveBats> At home, on the computer.

<CatchFiveBats> I spent a full 6 months listening to nothing but Berryz and C-ute when I first got into all this.

<CatchFiveBats> I don’t really need any more.

<CatchFiveBats> XD

<AmeWota> Good Lord.

<CatchFiveBats> Although, C-ute is keeping my interest more.

<CatchFiveBats> They’re getting the better releases.

<CatchFiveBats> And not having to wear animal costumes and do stupid dances.

<AmeWota> That IS a plus.

<AmeWota> Do you feel C-ute is getting preferential treatment, then?

<CatchFiveBats> Perhaps.

<AmeWota> At least by default of not putting up with so much jackassery?

<CatchFiveBats> We’ll see what happens with the new Berryz album.

<CatchFiveBats> haha, yeah.

<CatchFiveBats> Although I will say that, upon seeing the Monkey Version of Yuke Yuke, it seems like the member were having a good time with it.

<CatchFiveBats> It’s not like they felt stupid in them, as much as they looked it.

<AmeWota> Well, give somebody enough drugs, they’ll enjoy anything.

<CatchFiveBats> hahaha

<AmeWota> I didn’t say that.

<CatchFiveBats> X

<CatchFiveBats> XD

<AmeWota> Anyways.

<AmeWota> Here’s where I stand.

<AmeWota> I love H!P as idols.

<AmeWota> However, my enthusiasm for their current works just isn’t there.

<CatchFiveBats> mmmm

<CatchFiveBats> Yeah…

<AmeWota> If I had to be honest, there’s one and a half singles I like this year.

<AmeWota> Dschinghis Khan and that weird Koharu Riverdance thing.

<AmeWota> Which I only half-like.

<CatchFiveBats> heh

<AmeWota> Nothing else has captured my attention or sparked my interest.

<AmeWota> Music or PV-wise.

<AmeWota> HOWEVER.

<CatchFiveBats> The issue with me and Berryz is…Cal, for some reason, adores their singles of late.

<AmeWota> I do like SINA, for some weird reason.

<CatchFiveBats> So he always has me play them in the car with him.

<AmeWota> And I still love Momoko in particular.

<CatchFiveBats> And I get tired of hearing them all the time…

<CatchFiveBats> So maybe I’d like them more if that wasn’t the case.

<AmeWota> How can you hear anything with your face in his lap?

<CatchFiveBats> Not really, no.

<CatchFiveBats> It’s also kind of hard to drive that way.

<CatchFiveBats> But I deal.

<CatchFiveBats> *I can’t really, no.

<AmeWota> So being around a Berryz wota like Cal is tiring you of them.

<CatchFiveBats> hahahaha

<CatchFiveBats> I guess?

<AmeWota> How about Buono!?

<CatchFiveBats> The same could be said of him, but somehow he still likes them a lot.

<CatchFiveBats> Oh, Buono is incredible.

<AmeWota> I think this really began to sink in for me because I LOVE the members of Buono!…

<CatchFiveBats> I still like watching Berryz live.

<CatchFiveBats> That excites.

<AmeWota> but their singles and even PVs don’t grab me the way I want them to.

<CatchFiveBats> *excites me

<CatchFiveBats> mmm…

<AmeWota> I have to wonder if the disconnect is me, as a fan.

<CatchFiveBats> Pretty much everything I get really excited about with H!P anymore is older releases.

<AmeWota> If by focusing on their new anime kids audience, they’re ignoring the dirty old men who made the H!P Kids so popular in the first place.

<CatchFiveBats> Ayaya, Mikitty, FS3, Country Musume (w/Miki & Konno)

<CatchFiveBats> hahaha, yeah…

<CatchFiveBats> I want to start looking into Yuuko, too.

<AmeWota> Do you like Buono musically?

<CatchFiveBats> Yes, I do.

<AmeWota> And their videos?

<CatchFiveBats> mmm…

<CatchFiveBats> Their PVs are great at first.

<AmeWota> I still cringe a little at the air guitar in the first single.

<AmeWota> first single’s PV.

<CatchFiveBats> But I don’t want them much after the buzz dies down.

<AmeWota> Ah.

<CatchFiveBats> Honto no Jibun and Renai Rider definitely bore me, at this point.

<CatchFiveBats> On their own.

<AmeWota> So as an H!P fan, you keep saying you’re going back to the older stuff.

<CatchFiveBats> Yeah, that’s what’s keeping me afloat.

<AmeWota> Does this mean the newer stuff doesn’t have as much staying power for you?

<CatchFiveBats> Not even close.

<AmeWota> Is there anything from this year that you’ll find memorable?

<AmeWota> That’ll stick with you?

<CatchFiveBats> The fact that I’m having to think about it answers that question, I think.

<CatchFiveBats> XD

<AmeWota> Wow.

<AmeWota> So if you had to recommend H!P to somebody who hasn’t tried them out yet… what would you give them?

<CatchFiveBats> If they’re into anime, Buono.

<CatchFiveBats> Definitely.

<CatchFiveBats> Buono! is the easiest thing to swallow in H!P right now, imo.

<AmeWota> But would they have a lasting impact? You just said they haven’t for you.

<CatchFiveBats> I don’t know if they would.

<CatchFiveBats> But if I’m trying to pick something they would like, it’d be Buono.

<CatchFiveBats> But in all honesty, Buono! isn’t all that indicative of H!P as a whole.

<CatchFiveBats> If it’s someone who is already interested…

<CatchFiveBats> And not someone I’m trying to convert against their will (which is ALWAYS the case with me…and it never works)…

<CatchFiveBats> I burned Ayaya’s T.W.O. album, Rainbow 7, Berryz’ 4th, and Buono! for a girl I know who asked me to burn her some H!P CDs.

<CatchFiveBats> I gave them to her as a graduation present, and she loved them.

<CatchFiveBats> But I don’t think she’s going to turn into a wota or anything.

<AmeWota> Interesting selection there, and – with the exception of Ayaya – quite recent.

<CatchFiveBats> I tried to go with J-Poppy stuff.

<CatchFiveBats> Older H!P doesn’t really feel like what I think of J-Pop.

<CatchFiveBats> OH

<CatchFiveBats> I burned her GAM’s album too.

<CatchFiveBats> Scratch Buono, I would undoubtedly give someone GAM as a “first H!P” CD.

<AmeWota> Sort of like a Jpop t.a.t.u.

<AmeWota> So.

<CatchFiveBats> haha

<AmeWota> One last question: where do you see the future of H!P?

<AmeWota> Will they thrive, will they finally wind down, or just remain with their status quo?

<CatchFiveBats> I don’t think H!P will completely die anytime soon.

<CatchFiveBats> If they continue, they’ll most likely just pander further and further to the wotas, because that’s where the money is right now, in my opinion.

<AmeWota> I think they’ve got a good micro-economy that’ll keep them from dying, but that also keeps them bottled up and unable to bloom like in their Golden Age…

<AmeWota> Yeah, exactly.

<CatchFiveBats> Their sales with the general public aren’t enough to justify trying to cater to that.

<CatchFiveBats> Which is fine for me.

<AmeWota> And do you still see yourself as an H!P fan in another year, or two years, or five years?

<CatchFiveBats> I’d like to think so, yes.

<AmeWota> Great.

<CatchFiveBats> Once I stop discovering, I’ll probably lose interest.

<CatchFiveBats> There’s still a monstrous backlog that I haven’t even begun to dig into.

<CatchFiveBats> And for me, it’s collecting.

<AmeWota> But once that’s all done, you don’t see yourself sticking around for the newer stuff?

<CatchFiveBats> I don’t listen to singles/albums until I purchase them.

<CatchFiveBats> Depends on where it goes.

<CatchFiveBats> I still like the videos.

<CatchFiveBats> I love watching TV appearances and fan club DVDs and so forth.

<CatchFiveBats> But the music itself, possibly not.

<AmeWota> Will that be enough to keep you interested?

<CatchFiveBats> I think that the combination of older H!P releases musically, and newer happenings in media, could be enough, yes.

<CatchFiveBats> But that’s a could, not a will.

<CatchFiveBats> I have my doubts, to be honest.