Look At My Area!

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Blogging and freelancing and wotachatting means I spend way too much time in front of my desk, tapping away at my laptop. I always begin the day with the intention of going somewhere else for a while to write – a local coffee shop, or a bookstore, or wherever. More often than not, though, I end up staying put.

Anyway, here’s what the wall above my desk looks like:

The SweetS poster has been with me since Spring 2004, and is perhaps my most treasured wota item. The Perfume miniposter came with my Complete Best Limited Edition. As for the postcards and photos…

It’s favorite photos of Haruna and paintings by Gerhard Richter. The painting here is Lesende, which I first fell in love with when I was visiting the SFMOMA regularly in my dotcom days.

This postcard is also a Richter, Woman Descending the Staircase, which I saw at the Chicago Art Museum. 

Now, here’s what my laptop’s desktop currently looks like:

The middle isn’t a wallpaper, but two scrolling sets of pictures…

The top is Amuro, Perfume, Kishidan, and SweetS. The bottom is Johnny’s, Momoko, AKB48, and Akina.

I like the effect of the scrolling, like watching a river of idols pass by…

Also, it keeps me from feeling restless about having just one wallpaper in place and wanting to replace it.

A close-up of the icons on the desktop:

And that’s about it. Next time: the clothes I wear while I write and blog! Or maybe just shots of my other “area”. Same difference.


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5 Responses to “Look At My Area!”
  1. Rocky says:

    How do you get a scrolling image wallpaper?

    woop woop plus member ftw!

  2. pengie says:


  3. CJ Marsicano says:

    Every writer should have an area as inspiring. I may use this as a blueprint for when Tara and I move in together (which won’t be until a couple of months before the wedding). The SweetS poster is quite cool – I have the wallpaper version of that on my laptop and my day job computer.

  4. EmEl says:

    I love the comics icon’s and VBA icon’s existence. They’re certainly not out of place, but there’s something… otaku/geek-affirming about them.

    Is there a specific game or reason that you have chosen GBA over other systems to occupy a prime desktop position?

  5. Ray Mescallado says:


    With the VBA, I mostly take turns playing Advance Wars 2 and Fire Emblem: Sacred Stone. I don’t think I ever stopped playing either since they each came out, it just slowly migrated from an actual GBA to the DS to the desktop.