Laura Vanamo on Finnish Idol

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20 Responses to “Laura Vanamo on Finnish Idol”
  1. Rocky says:

    Oh wow, that’s awesome. She made it!

  2. Chris says:

    My favorite moment was when they played Millie Small’s My Boy Lollipop at the end! But she is cute…in a way. And she sang a lot better than Koha.

    Whooda thunk it?

  3. CJ Marsicano says:

    Now why can’t any of the AMERICAN Idol contestants have the balls to do such a thing?

  4. Hara says:

    Oh good!! I want to know her!! TT__TT She’s awsome!!<333

  5. Laura L says:

    Loistavaa, Laura, loistavaa!

    Uh, she’s so clever too.

  6. Andy K says:

    That is one of the most retarded things I have ever seen, and makes me embarrassed to be a Finn. And what CJ Marsicano said, I agree, these kind of retards should only live in America.

  7. Finlaaand.. says:

    Yay go Laura!

    Fanitan sua! 8D

  8. yarr says:

    This is bloody awesome, it’s great to live in country where people can take things with humor and tolerate different behaviour (minus Andy K)

  9. Naroiro says:

    Oh yessh she’s awesome! I hope she can also sing “normally”, coz i don’t think the judges are gonna let her though if she only shows that cute voice.. Haha xS Coolnesss~

  10. Miuu says:

    Im a finn and going to buy her cd if she never makes one! 😀


  11. sanni says:

    I don’t speak english.

    Laura on paras!
    Toivottavasti se voittaa :>
    Ensimmäinen hyvä laulaja joka laulaa japani-poppia! <3

  12. Julili says:

    Wow! I heard about this and was looking for the vid! So rad that she sang Koi Kana!!! And what was the song they played while they were interviewing her? I defiantly heard Yossy!!
    Is there a page u can send this girl some lines? I wanna hear her sing Anataboshi on her next round ^^

  13. Norska^^ says:

    Laura on paras <33

    Laura is the best 😛

  14. maiZe says:

    @Julili: I’m at work and don’t have audio, but if I’m recalling correctly, the song in the background while they were interviewing her was “Yes! Pocky Girls” from Morning Musume’s 5th album, track #9. 😀

  15. DJ_MaiMai says:

    I’ve known Laura for a while and I remember her mentioning auditioning for Finnish Idol. I’m so happy she made it!

  16. Anthony says:

    that’s awesome!!

  17. Kuihde says:

    Laura is the best <3

  18. Katie says:

    Laura, you totally rock. I can’t believe you had the guts to do that, that’s amazing!! <333` You’re doing SnM and Shinosu proud. ^w^