Dazzled By Minegishi Minami

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While I don’t want to give the impression that I’m a diehard AKB48 fan yet, Juju of Wings of My Heart has been feeding me Minegishi eyecandy and I can’t resist. ┬áHere’s some choice shots of Minami, which I think are from her recent photobook.

Wow! I mean, wow! Can you believe how beautifully her bikini has been bedazzled? The craftsmanship! The placement! It just takes my breath away, and makes me want to… um… bedazzle… stuff.

Her look in this shot is great: “Listen, if you’re not going to give me my clothes back, can you at least stop putting rhinestones on my swimwear?”

A very cute shot of Minami. Now that she’s in that new trio, I may actually start rooting for an actual AKB48 unit of some sort.

She looks better when she smiles, but I still like this shot. She’s probably thinking something like, “Please don’t bedazzle this perfectly nice dress.”

And this is the picture where I found myself asking, “Momoko who?” I’ve already said Wow, but I’ll say it again: Wow. I love the smile, I definitely love the pose, and lack of rhinestones on the swimsuit helps me focus better on it.

Also, the spout of water between her legs is a nice touch.


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2 Responses to “Dazzled By Minegishi Minami”
  1. Shirow says:

    Dear lord, choice shots indeed …

    … I really need to ‘study’ akb48 more.

  2. You’re killing me ray.

    The spout of water ….