Chatting With Cutie Party’s Misa

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This second Shuffle features Misa of Cutie Party  one of the “Cult of Pop sisters” being hosted on my original blog domain. Misa’s the middle child of the trio, between oneechan Juju of Wings of My Heart and eternal imouto Chiakii of Soap Bubble. Each of them are bloggers who took different aspects of what I did during my Cult of Pop days and, in my opinion, raised it to new heights, earning whatever encouragement I can give them.  (And I hope to have oneechan and imouto show up here in future weeks.) In the case of Misa, her blogging virtues are threefold: a take-no-prisoners irreverence towards idols, a productive restlessness in how she expresses herself, and a profound concern for building the community. 

All that said, Misa is perhaps most immediately recognizable in our community for her blunt and outrageous observations on idols. Along with her partner in crime Wendy, they’ve brought an especially lulzy charm to idol blogging, adding to their repertoire as they went along but always ready with venom for what they don’t like. Misa and I have had some one-on-one conversations about Intl Wota and blogging and idols, spinning off to other broader topics the way they tend to, and that was when I was convinced of how much potential she holds. I’d say that talks with her were just as motivating for me as the ones with the current Intl Wota Troika, and I took her on as a protege so that she could learn the ropes on how to write for IW.

Originally, I was going to get Misa to do a Shuffle chat about some generalities of blogging, especially finding the right voice for oneself. But then she came into wotachat with something Wendy said, and I found a whole new topic that paid off tremendously. It may not be as deep or as intellectually fulfilling, but I found it to be a whole lot more enjoyable, and actually quite revealing. I ask anyone who reads further to take the chat in the spirit intended – good, vicious, light-hearted fun. No idols were killed or maimed in the making of this chat. No babies were eaten, either. And with that…

Session Start: Mon Sep 15 01:25 2008

Session Ident: misaaa

<misaaa> Wendy saw an egg and was like “What the fuck is that”


<misaaa> “She has an AKB look to her. And by AKB look, I mean she’s ugly”

<AmeWota> And I found that hilarious.

<misaaa> I did too man.

<AmeWota> Because to me, the AKB girls aren’t ugly.

<AmeWota> The Seeds are fugly.

<AmeWota> The main AKB girls are kinda slutty looking, maybe.

<AmeWota> Now, the icing on the cake was how you figured out who the good-looking AKB idols are…

<misaaa> There are some pretty AKB girls

<misaaa> but its like “They have H!P look to them. And by H!P look, I mean they’re actually pretty”

<AmeWota> so basically, H!P girls are pretty and AKB girls are ugly.

<misaaa> thats how I see it

<AmeWota> and the AKB girls who look pretty are flukes because they look like H!P girls.

<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> But Tsunku is ruining it with the ugly eggs.

<misaaa> Eggs should be made AKB, and pretty AKB’s should be made H!P

<AmeWota> You’d like to see a trade-off.

<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> I saw one hot girl with a calender. I dunno her name.

<misaaa> She should be in H!P.

<AmeWota> Which one was that?

<misaaa> I have no idea!

<misaaa> She’s hot though

<AmeWota> Okay, now I have to assume you hadn’t read my AKB post yet.

<misaaa> no

<AmeWota> Because I wrote about how each jpop collective seems to have a certain general look to them.

<AmeWota> And this fits what I was saying.

<misaaa> I should read it

<AmeWota> Nah, it’s crap.

<AmeWota> Anyways, let’s do some quick flash cards, alright?

<AmeWota> I’ll give you a link, you tell me if the AKB is pretty or ugly.


<AmeWota> Pretty or ugly?

<misaaa> averagely pretty.

<misaaa> not H!P, but pretty.


<misaaa> in all seriousness, I think she’s a 40 yr old prison escapee.

<AmeWota> She’s the youngest AKB, I think.

<misaaa> omg is she the half girl? Yeah, she’s effing creepy.

<misaaa> I’ve seen other pictures of her.

<AmeWota> So maybe she’s actually a midget hiding from the law by being a pedo idol?

<misaaa> She can stay away from H!P


<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> Pretty, but I’m scared of what I’ll find when she opens her mouth


<misaaa> Reminds me of Mai Satoda minus Botox, so pretty.



<AmeWota> oh? what’s her name?

<misaaa> I dunno

<misaaa> but I like that girl in the red hat. Pretty

<misaaa> It’s on this kids profile

<AmeWota> That’s the top idol of AKB, Acchan.

<misaaa> I like her

<misaaa> she should be in H!P

<AmeWota> Oh, the calendar girl is Acchan too!

<misaaa> so she can leave AKB, and make it fall into the ground where they will rename themselves the Hello! Project eggs or sth

<misaaa> Wow its the same girl

<AmeWota> She’s seen getting nekkid and waiting in bed, presumably for some guy, in the video I looked at.

<misaaa> She’s waiting for you, Ray.

<AmeWota> Okay, moving on…


<misaaa> odd looking. Dont like her

<AmeWota> now this one, i said looked like an H!P Egg.

<AmeWota> or was I wrong?

<misaaa> She looks like a H!P egg

<misaaa> but H!P eggs look like AKB

<misaaa> so she looks like..right, yknow?

<AmeWota> Right.

<misaaa> Right.


<misaaa> creepy

<AmeWota> Creepy in what way?

<misaaa> she looks oddly proportioned

<AmeWota> Ears are imbalanced, what?

<misaaa> yeah

<misaaa> and her mouth looks weird

<AmeWota> That was a joke, I didn’t mean that…

<AmeWota> oh wait, she DOES have the huge ears thing going.

<AmeWota> but aren’t huge ears on an idol VERY SEXY?

<misaaa> omg ray

<misaaa> NOT FOR ME.

<AmeWota> so maybe it’s just me.

<misaaa> Except Airi, whos got the cute Trophy head thing going..

<AmeWota> like, you can grab her by the ears and hoist her in the air

<AmeWota> and fill her head with gatorade and dunk it on the coach?

<misaaa> SUUURE.

<AmeWota> i’ve had that fantasy.

<misaaa> I was just thinking her ears were big like a trophy’s

<AmeWota> trophies don’t have ears.

<misaaa> They could Ray

<misaaa> those handle things


<misaaa> as much as I like her headband, she creeps me out

<AmeWota> She’s creepy in the same way as the last one?

<misaaa> no

<misaaa> she’s all squinting her eyes

<misaaa> like, imgonnaeatyobabies, yknow?

<AmeWota> oh, so the Linlin Stare.

<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> and the nakasaki stare


<misaaa> she reminds me of erika

<misaaa> but creepy

<AmeWota> Which Erika?

<misaaa> C-ute erika

<AmeWota> i can see more of Miyoshi than Umeda in this pic.

<misaaa> I think now that I look, I see both

<AmeWota> but i think Miyoshi is hot, so that’s where my bias comes in.

<AmeWota> okay, these last three –

<AmeWota> I think they’re examples of how AKB has that general look.

<misaaa> Okay

<AmeWota> like, I could easily mistake the second and third,

<AmeWota> and if I’m lazy, Kojima too, for each other.

<misaaa> I mistake like all of them

<AmeWota> Do you see that, or is it just me?

<misaaa> Yeah, I think they all look kinda similar

<misaaa> like, how I confused miki and Aichan in the sexy boy PV, yknow.

<misaaa> But Hello! Project, everyone is different,

<misaaa> they dont look similar, there’s no general look in H!P

<misaaa> you go from like Kei, who’s downright creepy, to Sayumi, whos cute, yknow…

<AmeWota> Do you think that’s because you got a chance to know them?

<AmeWota> That if you got to know AKB, maybe they’ll stand out as individuals more?

<misaaa> I tried to

<misaaa> I like some of their songs, especially the one where their school uniforms are in the way

<misaaa> but I looked deeper in and I found nothing that really interested me

<misaaa> I was pulled into H!P pretty much right away, save for Minimoni

<misaaa> who scared the shit out of me and still do.

<AmeWota> What were you looking for, do you think?

<misaaa> Something different

<AmeWota> Different from H!P?

<misaaa> Different in general

<misaaa> but AKB either comes across as trying to be something they’re not, or trying to be H!P

<AmeWota> Do you think H!P has that difference?

<misaaa> yeah, I do..

<misaaa> There’s The Peace, Resonant Blue, and then Hyokkori

<misaaa> its all different to me and I love it.

<AmeWota> okay, let’s end with three final head shots…

<misaaa> Okay


<misaaa> CREEEEEPY. But she has that kinda, lost puppy look to her

<AmeWota> So you don’t find her attractive.

<misaaa> No, but shes kinda cute in the “awww” way


<misaaa> fucking creepy.

<misaaa> She can stay away from idol stuff in general.

<AmeWota> okay, one last one.


<misaaa> ok

<misaaa> her nose is massive, but I think she could be like, in melon

<AmeWota> melon kinenbi.

<misaaa> shes not pretty, but she has that kinda quality to her look

<misaaa> yeah

<AmeWota> you don’t like the nose.

<misaaa> Its big

<misaaa> but I have nothing wrong with it

<AmeWota> here’s another shot of her


<misaaa> shes pretty. Definitely H!P material

<misaaa> Not like, MM, berryz or C-ute material, but H!P material

<AmeWota> so not flagship group or anything.

<AmeWota> but somewhere in the mix.

<misaaa> Yeah

<misaaa> I’d like to see her in Happy! Project,

<misaaa> those girls are fugly but I like them

<AmeWota> So this one belongs with the likeable, fugly girls.

<misaaa> she’d look good there though

<misaaa> yeah but she’d look better than the other Happy! style girls..

<AmeWota> Anyways, those last three girls are my favorite AKBs.

<AmeWota> You broke my heart, Misa!

<misaaa> LOL SORRY.

<AmeWota> You broke it!

<AmeWota> Anyways, having looked at a bunch of AKB girls,

<AmeWota> the main comments you had were creepy and pretty.

<AmeWota> not ugly.

<misaaa> creepy can mean ugly to me

<AmeWota> oh, dammit.

<AmeWota> there went the follow-up.

<misaaa> like that one girl with the teeth and the eyebrows is ugly to me.

<misaaa> but not all of them are ugly

<AmeWota> Kojima Haruna?

<AmeWota> She’s been doing a lot of dramas lately.

<misaaa> they’re just not pretty enough for H!P. They should make an army with Kei and Linlin or something

<misaaa> does she get picked on in said dramas?

<misaaa> I wouldnt be surprised..

<AmeWota> Army of creepy idols.

<misaaa> Yeah

<AmeWota> No, in Yasuko to Kenji she’s picking on the heroine.

<misaaa> shes obviously insecure then

<AmeWota> She’s the pretty girl that others envy.

<misaaa> holy crap Ray why dont I believe you

<misaaa> maybe she looks better in action

<misaaa> like Kaori

<misaaa> kaori looks creepy in pictures,

<misaaa> but she looks good in videos

<AmeWota> Bonus Pic: one word opinions on all five girls in this photo.


<AmeWota> one word opinion on each girl, that is.

<misaaa> wannabe, ears, hot, cute, thekannaofthegroup

<misaaa> IN ORDER.

<AmeWota> kanna of the group?

<misaaa> poses weirdly, but is pretty,

<misaaa> I couldnt sum that up in one word

<AmeWota> the wannabe is the one you think belongs in Happy! Style.

<misaaa> Really?

<misaaa> I lol’d

<AmeWota> The one I started a worship blog for.

<misaaa> she looks like a bit of a wannabe.

<AmeWota> Oh, my heart is breaking again, Misa!


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7 Responses to “Chatting With Cutie Party’s Misa”
  1. Great AKB48-tastic entry. I’ll have to agree: the two groups (AKB48 and H!P) have girls who look very different from each other and very specific to their group. And I’ll also have to agree that Shinoda Mariko looks like she could be in Melon Kinenbi.

    And I love how Maeda Atsuko is always singled out for being the prettiest.

  2. Misa says:

    Yeah, probably because she IS the prettiest.
    She should be in Morning Musume
    I think I like…whuts her name..Komatani hitomi? or something.
    I think she should be in C-ute.

  3. da;lsfjk;as

    very insightful

  4. Cat says:

    Hmm… I’d argue that not all of H!P girls are pretty at all… I mean, I’ve never been able to get into C-ute after Megukami got the boot because Airi’s teeth scare me, Maimi is hot, but the rest of them all look like animals… Erika looks like a horse, Mai looks like an alien chimp, Nakasaki looks like a chipmunk, and so does Chisato and… Oh yeah, I like Kanna, but her teeth scare me too 😀

    AKB does have some really ugly girls though, but they have endearing qualities to them nonetheless, however hard to spot these might be for the casual fan (these girls are easier to get to know through the Stage DVDs and such)

  5. Ray Mescallado says:

    Just for the record – the girl-group with the scariest teeth was the “new” dream.

  6. Julia says:

    I like big ears on my idols, too! What do you think was the first thing that drew me to Yama? I’d nibble on those ears for hours.

  7. Wendy says:

    Partner in criiiime. 8D