New Distractions

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There’s now a Johnnysweeper to keep the Tsunkusweeper company, and I’ve also put up the first two AW Quizzes.

I’m pretty sure that most people who discover Ame Wota through the Distractions don’t care about the actual blog posts I write. Right now I have no real desire to change that, to figure out some way to convert the distracted to a regular readership. Instead, I’d just like to provide as wide a range of amusements as possible, as many different kinds of distractions as I can muster. So there’s a few more surprises waiting, some of which should amuse a few of you.


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3 Responses to “New Distractions”
  1. Arbitrary Greay says:

    Concerning #8 on the H!P Kids quiz:
    Both Momoko and Erika were in the Boogie Train PV.

  2. Ray Mescallado says:

    Oh, goddammit, and I was just re-reading my post about it a couple days ago! I’ll change that right away – thanks for catching my fuck-up.

  3. Julia says:

    I love that we’re sharing this love for Yamada now. You and I have never been attracted to the same idol before. Not counting Shinya. He’s not an idol, anyway. But…frig, that kid is hot.