Berikyuu! Episode 16: C-ute Get Their Skank On

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So enough of Morning fucking Musume and let’s go back to some quality idols from the H!P stable.

I wonder how Manoeri’s training has been going lately? Her solo debut should be announced pretty soon, right? And if they’re smart, they’ll give her the full blitz of photobooks and TV show appearances and all that other neat stuff.

Anyway, this episode shifts gears to focus on the making of C-ute’s “Namida no Iro”, starting with the photoshoot. Here are the stars of the show – Airi and Maimi’s thighs, with a guest appearance by Kanna’s legs!

I can’t place why, but the whole look and mood for this PV screams “Skank!” at me in a very good way. And I haven’t had anyone or anything yell “skank!” at me in a long time, which I’m beginning to miss now that I think of it. The whole idea was to make them look sexy, but they did more than that – in the case of several of these girls, they also looked… readily available? But again, in a good way.

It’s a fair progression from “Tokaikko Junjou”, whose PV had the first semi-believable girl gang vibe in a long while. The single and PV between that was, what? An unfortunate error? An attempt to make the girls seem schizoid by going from tough to fluffy to tough again? And does this mean the next single and PV will be even fluffier and more frivolous? And then the PV after that will be… well, the hot girl-on-girl action we’ve been clamoring for since the girls first strutted their stuff in “Ganbacchae”?

“We finally got rid of those fugly costumes from our last PV! Thumbs up on no longer looking like a day glo ostrich!”

“No, Airi, we don’t want you to look cutesy! We want something edgier, something more naughty… I got it! Think about how puberty first set in and you began wondering if your Dad’s golf clubs could be used for other kinds of games…”

“That’s it! That’s the look we want!”

Now, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the most skin Airi has shown for a PV, and certainly not for a concert. Perhaps it’s the purposeful imbalance of above-the-waist being heavily clothed that makes the below-the-waist look more nude, somehow. Perhaps it’s the way she wears her jacket, creating the illusion of cleavage with the popper collars and unbuttoned front.

Or perhaps it’s the look Airi’s giving that makes you think you can get a half-and-half at a rather reasonable price.

MaiMai is looking… well, she’s definitely still in that transitional phase, where she’s on the edge of sheer pedoliciousness but keeps veering back to U12 bland. (Well, to me. I know there are those who like U12, but it doesn’t do much for me.)

Here, though, wow! What a great smile on her! Her pituitary glands deserve their own tribute, at this rate. And I love her outfit – maybe it’s her figure, but she seems both youthful and elegant in this outfit, and the warpaint helps give her a slightly older edge to really sell the look.

Chisato, whose outfit actually doesn’t seem to match her as well as the others. It seems to be forcing her to look more mature and it doesn’t quite work. Part of it may be because I like her best as a spunky tomboy type still – she’s got no pedoliciousness going on, but she’s got a kind of blindsided, clueless charm that makes her fun to watch much of the time.

She has her legs shown off in this video, too, but you know – who cares. I’d rather look at Yamada Ryo’s legs, truth be known.

The girls play foosball while passing the time. Loser gets sprawled over the table and… um… pleasured into submission by Kanna.

Airi takes the time to mug for the camera – certainly, she has her priorities as an idol in place. Kanna scores twice off Airi… after the foosball game, that is.

What the FUCK is up with NakkySaki. I look at her and all I can think of is Chilly Willy the Penguin. I mean, she can skanks up real nice, especially when her looks are given a kind of Keri Sable-esque twist. It takes a thick layer of warpaint, but she can do it. Here, though, she had a chance to look as smexy as possible and the powers that be decided she had to look more… what? Urban or street? It’s a real disappointment.

Kanna demonstrates how she’d make a great Kubrick anti-hero…

“These are my gams. There are many gams like it, but this one is mine. My gams are my best friend. They are my life. I must master it as I must master my life.”

After the solo shoot, she decides to be blunt with the other girls: “I wanna tie both of you up and make you lap at my genitalia like men dying of thirst approaching an oasis of crystal pure water.”

Airi and MaiMai are shocked at this.

“Just kidding! I just wanna work each of you over with a strap-on! Let’s go play foosball!”

Well, that makes it better. MaiMai’s thinking, “I’m just gonna hit Airi over the head and have Kanna have with way with her. Then the solo lines will be mine! Mine!”

Back at another group shoot. Apparently, they didn’t get enough close-ups of Maimi and Airi’s fallopian tubes, so they’re trying a different lens.

Kanna and Erika wave goodbye as they prepare to go trolling for men three times their age. Erika, by the way, didn’t look bad this time around. There’s something of a Yossie pimp flavor in the hat and scarf, which is good, but… I dunno. I think I’d need to see her slapping around some ho’s before I can decide.

I like the look on both their faces. Airi is looking all sweet and child-like, while NakkySaki is thinking, “I was just talking to the camera and she had to step up and steal the spotlight from me again! I’d really like to smack her around some.”

And that’s it for now. More to come, of course!


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10 Responses to “Berikyuu! Episode 16: C-ute Get Their Skank On”
  1. Julia says:

    I’m using that last screencap for an LJ icon someday, and you’re letting me because I’m JuJu, right? Of course you are.
    I love you too, Ray.

  2. Ray Mescallado says:

    JuJu: I’m SO your slave bitch sometimes, it’s not even funny. Well, okay, a little funny.

  3. CJ Marsicano says:

    Julia, if Ray ever asks you to dress as Momoko on the cover of their 2.5 and carry a lacrosse stick, PANIC! (j/k Ray!)

  4. Garamon says:

    โ€œJust kidding! I just wanna work each of you over with a strap-on! Letโ€™s go play foosball!โ€

    “Kanna and Erika wave goodbye as they prepare to go trolling for men three times their age.”
    15×3=45… might be hope for me too then… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Chris says:

    Uhhhh, what is a half and half? And how much do you think I could get Airi to charge for one???
    Nice Full Metal Jacket reference! As long were on THAT subject, Erika’s outfit is one false eyelash away from being “Droogalicious”

  6. Chris says:

    Ray, as long as the Berikyuu are doubling as a “tribute to famous directors”, how about a John Ford reference. I can’t wait to see Momo pull a “Tom Doniphan” on “Liberty” Sugaya!

  7. steak or eggs says:

    You waver back and forth between brilliant insight and mind-numbing, juvenile banality.

    This post is the latter. Your newest post is the former.

    Have a super day.

  8. Ray Mescallado says:

    I must confess, I’m not pleased at the use of the word “waver”. “Veer” would be good, or even “zig-zag” or “oscillate”, but “waver” makes it sound so… unintentional.

  9. Momotaro says:

    “I sit back with this pack of Zig Zags and this bag
    of this weed it gives me the sh*t needed to be […]” (Eminem – The Way I Am)


  10. pengie says:

    Ray, you zig-zag between awesome and more awesome.

    What do I win?


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