Berikyuu! Episode 10: Back For More

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Why why why? Why stick around with examining this series when I’m so far behind? What is it about Berikyuu! that has a hold on me, that fascinates me so much that I must go back ages upon ages (okay, just a few weeks) to examine it?

Well, here’s one excellent reason. Manoeri’s become the mainstay of this show, and it’s always fun to watch her work up to the wink.

And here’s the most excellent reason, next to an almost-reason… For those who’ve forgotten, I’ll say it again: Momoko makes anything worthwhile. And she’s been looking especially fine on this show, though perhaps that’s my lack of perspective talking.

And yet another excellent reason, next to a non-reason.

Anyway, when last we left off, they were still playing with the Wii, answering quiz questions. Now it’s Saki’s turn…

And Momoko seems concerned. “Make sure you get this right! If we don’t win this challenge, my fan base will evaporate to nothing! I don’t want to end up like Yasuda-san!” Because yes, this challenge matters a great deal and their careers are all hinging on how well they perform.

“Don’t worry,” Saki tells a grinning Momoko. “If I have to, I’ll slit Maimi and Erika’s throats when they sleep tonight. We will win by default if necessary!”

Anyway, the question Captain has to answer is about… oh! I get it! It’s about a specific position in the Kama Sutra, called Squatting Crane Over The Rotating Erect-Laden Pelvis!

“Oh, I know that one,” Momoko says. It isn’t so much about flexibility with your thighs as being able to position your tongue the right way.”

Saki nods in agreement, though the closest she ever came to this position was Spinning Duck Sideways Into The Orifice – which we all know is not nearly as difficult as this pose.

So Saki chooses the right answer on where one’s ear should be placed against the partner’s body and what fluids will spill on the left ankle as a result.

Saki is looking focused… and quite cute, I must add! Sometimes I find it exceedingly odd that Saki doesn’t have a larger or more vocal fan base. She’s cute, has a great personality, does more than her part for the team (as a Captain should), and is very dedicated to the craft of being an idol.

Maybe if she learned to dance on a pole, that could fix matters up…

Her next question is a follow-up on the Kama Sutra pose: How many extra partners can join when at the height of ecstasy during the Squatting Crane Over The Rotating Erect-Laden Pelvis.

Maimi laughs at this. “Doesn’t that always depend on how many guys are around and how far each can shoot his love-juice? Theoretically, then, the number of partners one has can be infinite!” Visions worthy of William Burroughs’s Nova Express circus dances in Erika’s head.

But Saki is working on the assumption that bukkake-standy doesn’t qualify in this count, and rather people who actually touch the Squatting Crane pose with their genitals as well as their fluids are what the question is about. She considers her own height, factors in the compactness of her tight little dancer idol body, the spinning movement of the Crane at height of climax, and the number of emus brought into the mix traditionally – comes up with the answer of eleven plus one extra emu… and she gets it right!

Okay, let’s stop the bullshit just long enough to bask in how gorgeous Momoko is. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Okay, now back to the bullshit! The last question is also Kama Sutra related, asking how the Squatting Crane can transform – with the help of two small poles and one large vase – into the the classic Gargling Love Fountain Beset By Multiple Wangs.

Erika asks, “Wouldn’t this involve setting your jaw a certain way for maximum gargling capability?”

“How would you know?” Saki asks. “You swallow every drop the first chance you get!”

Momoko smiles politely, though her own rep as a gobbler is well-documented among the H!P Kids. Actually, the documentation is all Kanna’s, but we won’t get into that here.

Erika then explains how her gag reflex is really weak, and how that will make her a future favorite when she pursues a career in AV. Personally, I see her signing up with Moodyz before working her way to Attackers! and then finally getting a long-term deal with DAS.

Anyway, Saki gets this last question wrong. So that’s two right, one wrong, and next up is Maimi. Stay tuned! This may take another month for me to write.