Another Senior Moment

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Tsukiki of Shanimuni Paradise was asking for information about the Chinami-Bakanishi rumors from a while back. Since I enjoy her blog a great deal and almost never mention Chinami without alluding to that delightful non-scandal – seriously, look up her tag on this blog – I decided to share a link to the Sunday Blog Roundup from that time.

The October 17, 2006 entry was called “Chinami, You Minx!”, and it’s clear I’ve been enjoying the Chibakanaminishi rumors from the very beginning. But what truly struck me as I read the SBR in its entirety was how much more manageable it was to cover the blogs I knew about back then. A rough count shows about fifty posts being covered for the week… and several blogs had more than one post. So let’s say there’s maybe thirty-five to forty blogs being covered in those fifty posts. For the entire week.

With Intl Wota, we’re covering somewhere in the region of 120 to 150 active blogs, I think. (Playing very fast-and-loose with the definition of “active”.) Most – but not all – have sprung up in the year and a half since that SBR post. And because I decided to take off a couple days due to some outside concerns, I have a backlog of sixty-plus posts from the past two or three days that I need to handle. And this is with other Intl Wota folks doing their own coverage, otherwise I’d be looking at eighty or so posts.

Of course, if we go all the way back to the first SBR from July 24, 2005, there is an even starker difference, with all of six blogs being covered. Of those six, only one – the gaming one – is active and at the same URL. Everyone else has either been inactive or moved in the past three years, just as I had when I jumped from Cult of Pop to Ame Wota.

I’m not really going for a specific point here. It’s just always odd to realize how much time has passed – and to know that in the grand scheme of things it isn’t a lot of time, though on the interwebs it may seem like an eternity. And in parenting terms, too – Haruna was barely born when the Bakachinanishiami thing happened, and now she’s a feisty little girl who runs and screams and causes trouble. (I’m having a “Cat’s in the Cradle” moment… hold on… okay, that’s it.) So three years marks a lot of progress, which isn’t a surprise – but even half that time, a mere eighteen months, has seen a leap forward that’s a little difficult to fathom.

I’m not the blogger who’s been around longest, by any means – Go of jrocknyc has been around considerably longer (I once called him the “alpha male” of our community and continue to stand by that assessment), and I’m sure there were several who kept LiveJournals before going public with their J-blogs. But it does make me feel a bit ancient, and actually kind of tired to think of how much things changed, how much more work it’s taking to keep track of the community, and how frames of reference have shifted over time. (It doesn’t help that much of my best blogging happened back during Cult of Pop 2.0 and that I’m still trying to get back to that level of activity and enthusiasm.) There’s a sense of satisfaction, of course, but the fatigue can hit just as hard for knowing what’s gone into it.

I’ve written most of this before, on my Intl Wota anniversary post. I risk becoming the old man in a rocking chair on his porch, repeating himself time and again on “the good old days”. I don’t know if it can be helped, though – part of moving forward is always looking back. Lord knows, every time I look at baby pictures of Haruna, I’m even more astounded at how much she’s grown and changed. I shouldn’t be, I was there all along and marked each step forward, every new milestone, with pride.

I don’t regret all the time I spent both blogging and community-building – though 20/20 hindsight means I certainly wish I could have been more efficient and made some wiser moves. I’ll be covering some of the why’s and how’s later, when I finish broomhead’s TLS Survey. For now, though, I’m just taking another walk down memory lane, remembering breadready and undoing the mercator projection and not knowing who Shihono Ryo was and running the Pedolicious blog and the reaction to the first Momoko poem and all the other neat moments from my past three and a half years as a J-blogger. And when I’m ready, I’ll steel myself for what’s coming next and charge forward.


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