Kawaii Kon 2008

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Here’s a couple photos from Kawaii Kon this weekend. I actually didn’t attend very much of it (I haven’t been in an anime mood for a long while), but did check out the different areas with Haruna in my ongoing attempt to geekify her at an early age. In the dealers room she circled the area twice, she was so entranced by the spectacle. In the viewing room, Naruto was on, so we left, but she grabbed my hand and dragged me back in suddenly, watched for five minutes, then ran out just as quickly as I chaed after her.

Mostly, though, Haruna spent her time being fascinated and traumatized by the cosplayers. Star Wars stormtroopers made her cry, and there was one figure that looked like pedobear with the sun for its head, and Haruna waved to him repeatedly. Given how quickly she runs away and/or cries, we couldn’t get decent shots in both cases.

This young lady was waving at Haruna and Haruna wasn’t scared at all, so we snapped a quick pic. She spoke Japanese primarily, so I’m guessing she’s an exchange student and not a local.

Haruna was intrigued by Banana Man or whatever he called himself, and he was very patient as we finally got her to sit next to him.

And lastly, Haruna cosplayed as Angela Davis but nobody got it. Okay, this is just her this morning while her hair was being brushed. But what a ‘fro my baby has!


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  1. jim says:

    Peanut Butter Jelly Time? Work that fro!