The H!P Kids Are Alright 8: Henkka

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The thing about the whole concept of being in Morning Musume and then graduating to get into better and bigger thing is that it’s nowadays just flawed at best. There used to be a time when doing that was still possible, with the moderate success of Yuko Nakazawa and the even more popular solo artist Maki Goto, but those times are long gone now. Now that I think about it though, UFA has probably realized this already since the last Momusu member to really go solo after graduating was Nacchi all the way back in 2004.

There was a time when the girls could seriously look forward to graduating and getting on with their post-MM careers, but I highly doubt they have that mindset anymore. And you can’t blame them, because what is there after Morning Musume? Like Celestia said, it’s solo careers that are lackluster at best, lesser unimportant groups that will never sell as well as Morning Musume, becoming a “solo artist” but not having any releases (so basically doing nothing at all), or perhaps the best route of the bunch, the one Yaguchi took: finding something non-H!P, because let’s face it, UFA does absolutely nothing as far as promoting the OG girls goes. Even though Yaguchi was involved in a scandal and left Momusu due to it, she’s doing pretty damn well these days, hosting two TV shows, often being featured in plenty of variety shows, getting roles in dramas, recently even being involved in a stage play and the list goes on. Not too shabby for someone involved in a scandal. But continuing as a singer outside of H!P? Not a very good idea. Everyone from H!P that I remember doing so, Sayaka Ichii, Michiyo Heike, RuRu from Taiyou to Ciscomoon, Rika Ishii… bleh. No one cares about them. Which is really quite a shame, because some of their post-H!P material is really interesting stuff. I have a feeling Maki Goto could be the first exception to this rule, if she does continue on with her career that is.

I have to mention that Ray’s idea of bringing back old members and kicking out the newer ones is very interesting to me. What I would like to see is bringing back everyone up to 4th gen. Yes, I especially mean bribing the girls who have left H!P for good to come back. I’d like to make it clear that I’m really not one who misses the Golden Era so much that I hate the current line-up and so I’m not a 100% sure if I would like to see such a thing really happen but hell, if it was announced, I would be absolutely ecstatic. To please the fans of the newer generation girls, they could make a new group featuring only them. It’s just that absolutely no one would care about them at that point. 🙂

I know we’re all bored of seeing LOVE Machine performed for the umpteenth time, but man, can you imagine what it would be like seeing it performed by all of the girls from 1st to 4th gen? What would you think about people like Yuko, Kemeko and Ayappe doing something like Kanashimi Twilight, or Asuka doing something ultra-cutesy like Happy Summer Wedding? How about a performance of Ai no Tane by the original 1st gen lineup? Damn, even the mere thought of that one makes me strangely sexually aroused. It’s a very fun thought indeed! And one thing is for sure: they would sell more. Lots more. Not up to the millions or anything crazy, but definitely more. And I know, I know, all Japanese people hate Momusu and have a bad, wota-filled image of them etc. etc., but even they could simply not resist the blast from the past of such high of magnitude.

As for the spokeswomen question? For now it looks like Berryz and C-ute are here to stay, and for good. Unlike Celestia, I believe their popularity will not falter any more than it does for Morning Musume, though it is of course impossible to say for sure. In the future, I think the two will definitely serve as the spokeswomen along with Momusu. The senpai-matter I think is something we don’t have to worry about for a couple of years. While the Kids are definitely the senpai now to anyone 6th gen and up in terms of experience, I highly doubt the Japanese see it that way. I believe they are mostly viewed as their kouhai because of their age and that’s quite understandable.

Oh and hey, I almost forgot! I completely agree with Ray’s sentiments in part 6; Morning Musume should indeed become more like Black Sabbath. There is no need for me to elaborate on that further. 🙂


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  1. Speaking of “Love Machine,” even the Eggs grand-slammed it at the H!P Winter 2008 concert in January. It is just a classic song that never really gets old, no matter who does it.

    As for post-Morning Musume careers, broadcasting is the best bet. Risa, Reina and I think even Sayu do a lot of radio, and Yaguchi is a rather popular TV host, and so be it. Reminds me a little of when former pro athletes end up in a broadcast booth, but I would much rather listen to Risa than to Bob Costas.

  2. Arbitrary Greay says:

    Would it be possible for these discussions to be perhaps the main feature of each edition of the IW Press? It would be a good way to present multiple opinions on an issue in relation to each other, unlike, say, an essay presenting one person’s view of an idol. While the latter will be interesting and most likely necessary, imagine the new fan reading the Press to gain some insight on a matter and coming across one of those articles bashing Takahashi Ai’s personality problems. That fan now has had their opinion of Takitty molded, and unless that issue also contains another article defending the MM leader, will probably think of her as a boring person without having gone through the proper media to formulate their own opinion first.
    These back-and-forth discussions allow an idea to be fully explored and will present multiple sides to an issue so that such bias is less likely to occur.


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