The H!P Kids Are Alright 5: Henkka

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‘Tis again my turn to step up and give my two cents on Ray’s Roundtable Extravaganza. DO MY BEST, I shall. (I love that song, by the way!)

I’d like to share my thoughts on something Mr. Broomhead said in his latest post. Broomhead brought into question the stability of C-ute and Berryz Koubou as in whether or not they would be able to survive one of their core members leaving due to a harsh scandal or something to that effect. While I’m not able to offer a real answer to this question, I do ponder about this myself sometimes, too.

Unlike Broomhead, I would like to believe both C-ute and Berryz would be able to withstand even a singer of such importance as Risako or Airi leaving, regardless of whether or not it is because of a scandal. I believe both groups have already become strong enough to take it.

As you know, only one such case has happened amongst the Kids; Megukami was involved in a somewhat minor-ish scandal involving an alleged boyfriend, but still ended up leaving C-ute because of it. While you could argue that it wasn’t that earth-shattering of an event because C-ute hadn’t even reached their major debut at that point in time, you can’t ignore the fact that Megumi was definitely one, if not THE most important member of C-ute at that time, even more so than Airi and Maimi I’d say. C-ute, however, did get over one of their leads leaving and at least the awesomeness of Tokaikko Junjou should’ve been enough to convince any fan that they are doing just as well now, even without Megumi.

While you might say it is useless to speculate about this, in this “what if?” kind of manner, you should embrace the pessimist in yourself and be aware that it is really just a matter of time before someone else of the Kids gets involved in some kind of scandal. Sure, it breaks my heart too just thinking about it, but what can you do? It happened before with Megumi and it will almost definitely happen again, sooner or later. But like I said, I do believe both groups could stand it and not dissolve. Actually, I think they could even survive with a rotating line-up like Morning Musume and do just fine. When Morning Musume had the first 8nin line-up featuring the 1st and 2nd generations, who would’ve thought they could get over one of the founding members, little Asukacchi leaving and not break up on the spot? And now all of the girls from that line-up are long gone and yet Morning Musume are still going strong.

Now, whether I want Berryz and C-ute to become like that is an entirely different question altogether… (but the short answer is a definite no. :))

As to avoid making it seem like I disagree witheverything Broomhead said in his latest post (and also because this doesn’t have so much to do with the Kids, just Momusu), I will only quickly touch on something else he said about Morning Musume’s identity crisis.

Weeell… if you ask me? They don’t have one. It’s true that the girls who were responsible for making Momusu as big as they are today are no longer in the group, and that the majority of the Japanese will look back on the Golden Age line-up and think it’s just not the same. I think there is a clear reason for this that I already mentioned in my first post. It’s not because of LOVE Machine or Renai Revolution 21 coming out then and everyone remembering just those tunes, no, it’s not because of the songs at all; it’s simply the lack of personality in the current incarnation of Momusu. Of course people are going to miss the likes of Yuko, Kaori, Mari or the Two Top of Tsujikago with such a boring line-up of today. Don’t get me wrong, I do love them all, but personality-wise they are nothing compared to the olden days of the Musume.

Just having more interesting personalities in the group and those fun interactions amongst those personalities would make them much more memorable and of course that would make them sell more in the process, never mind the quality of the songs, because that’s (unfortunately) just how the idol music business works. Come on, LALALA Shiawase no Uta was just a very poor song, but yet, in its first week it sold more than any Berryz or C-ute single before it. And why is that? I think it’s because the public are slowly but surely opening up to the Kids, and who can blame them? Right now they are much more interesting than Morning Musume.

You can ask yourself if LALALA Shiawase no Uta would’ve sold as well in Morning Musume’s standards if it was released by them instead. Would it have sold the nearly 70 thousand copies that Iroppoi Jirettai did? Or even the 50 thousand that Kanashimi Twilight did? Hah, I think not.


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