The First Episode of Berikyuu!

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I really don’t have much to say about the very first episode of Berikyuu! except some snark and a general sense of relief at having an H!P show I want to watch. That hasn’t happened in a long while, since before Hello!Morning began their parade of magicians. This show at least promises idols I really enjoy and whose mere presence thrills me a little, so it’s not like I even have to get the show translated in order to enjoy it.

The episode begins with somebody walking down the hall reading. Reading what, though? Lolita? Gravity’s Rainbow?

Is that really Manoeri? She actually reminds me some of Sayu here – which isn’t a bad thing, but…

There we go! That’s the Manoeri smile I know and love! Though I have to say, Manoeri opening the show is a pretty clear indication of how quickly she climbed up the H!P pecking order. I’m betting she’s going to start making the H!P Kids her bitches in a short order of time.

I like the idea of pitting the two units against each other – but would that make Manoeri the referee in the future? Or is she like the host of those EC horror comics, the Vault Keeper and the Crypt guy?

No Momoko. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

No Momoko. What. The. Fuck.

And someone else is missing, too, but it takes me a second to realize it’s Captain.

No Maimi, either. I can live with that.I don’t even realize Erika’s missing until I’m writing this, I’m sorry to say.

So basically, school hasn’t let out yet for the older girls?

The girls seem game enough, and Saki’s got her warpaint on and looking fine for it.

That said, why do they all have to wear their fugly costumes? Granted, Berryz end up looking better for it – but not by much.

Ahhh! The look of fear and apprehension, eet eez quite zee aphrodisiac, non? Remember when H!P idols would be scared shitless just for shits & giggles? Am I the only one who misses that?

A vase? Much better than a baby king, I think.

Okay. I have a dirty mind, that’s pretty clear. But really, did they have to do this? Why not just whisper straight at the camera, or give them a booth?

Oh God, Maimai don’t smile while you do that! Someone scrub out my mind, stat!

Seriously, though, the girls seem to have a ball with this, and it’s great just to see them laugh and be together like this.

As long as Moutube doesn’t enter the picture and we see the girls actually doing something, even whispering into a vase, this beats Haromoni@ by a country mile.

Kanna and Maimai looking nervous again. Are they anticipating something? Is Manoeri gonna rush in and start hitting people over the head with her book? And was that book, anyways? Women & Men? Portnoy’s Complaint? Fear of Flying? I know this should be the least of my concerns, but it’d be nice to know idol reading habits beyond the occasional manga.

That’s it, Miyabi, hide that monstrously huge chin of yours…

Ah, Maimai! I have no idea what future she holds, but she has a place in my heart just for being the most pedolicious of H!P Kids.

Chisato takes her turn. I don’t know what the question was, and don’t care, but it’s amusing to see them all get it wrong.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have tramped up so much for the new cover…” Airi muses.

Actually, watching Kanna give an answer, I realize the vase’s lip is wide enough that it could stand for female genitalia as well as male. That one could imagine it to be a taco instead of a hot dog, that is.

Chinami seems to love coming back to the vase again and again, though. A real trooper, she is.

“Bakanishi taught me something like this once.”

Yurina, seeming a bit unsure. Another thing about the vase: inevitably, there’s going to be an accumulation of idol spit as they whisper into it. So isn’t it kind of unhygienic to have them all breathing and talking into this? Hopefully some flunky will clean it out at the end of each episode.

Risako is the first to get a right answer, I think…

Then Airi delivers, as well.

I really really like Saki’s jaw. Seriously. It’s one of her most attractive features, for some reason.

“I know what pi is!” Miyabi volunteers. Maasa and Yurina think, “Apple or strawberry?”

How the hell did Marilyn Monroe pop up in the conversation? Wait, I don’t really care. But I’m impressed that Risako seems to know who she is. That makes her a little more tolerable, I must admit.

That said, smart Risako versus clueless Chisato isn’t a real choice, since Chisato being a tad dense is funny. Even her expressions are funny!

Was this the most satisfying three minutes of my wota life? Not really. But as I said, it’s all relative, and I’d rather watch this ten times than Haromoni@ once. They should just bring Aika and Koha over here so I won’t ever have to think of that other show again.


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6 Responses to “The First Episode of Berikyuu!”
  1. Julia says:

    And it was actually Kanna who first brought up Marilyn Monroe, too. That was her guess. I don’t really know what the question was though. Something to do with someone debuting or something. I saw the word “debut” and I’m too lazy to go back and try to understand the rest.

  2. Julia says:

    Yurina’s answer was Madonna, for what it’s worth.

  3. Julia says:

    Oh and Chisato guessed Marie Antoinette. I don’t know wtf they’re talking about anymore.

  4. Julia says:

    Chisato’s clueless moment is either “Isn’t it Marie Antoinette?” or “So it’s not Marie Antoinette?” I’m not really sure which. Feel free to edit all of these into one comment, for the record.

    And I totally missed what the real answer was. Whatever. Is it weird that Manoeri was kind of the highlight of this for me? I’m not even that fond of her. But she somehow grew on me in this clip.

  5. David says:

    Manoeri was quoting Oscar Wilde at the beginning of ep 01.
    The question was “When Inoue Waka debuted, what was the slogan that was used? Wasei (the Japanese) ______.” The correct answer being “Wasei Marilyn”

    Kudos to Risako for knowing (sorta) who Marilyn Monroe was (^_^;

  6. Craig says:

    Julia I don’t think it’s weird because it seems like a deliberate attempt to place Mano in the other girls slipstream.


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