Similar Features: Yamanaka Mayumi and Parvati

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I’m not sure if this counts as sheer insanity or simply delusional, but everytime I see Parvati on the new season of Survivor, she reminds me of one of my favorite junior idols, Yamanaka Mayumi.

The last time Parvati was on Survivor, I was only barely aware of Mayumi – she hadn’t made an impact on me yet. The only thing that originally stuck with me about her was how strange her name sounds. It almost sounds like “Poverty” and I swear to God there were times when other contestants or host Jeff Probst would pronounce it that way.

The main similarity – really, the only one – is the smile. Both have this really wide, beautiful, flash of teeth.

The screencaps of Parvati don’t quite do her justice, but you can see it there: the solid rows of choppers, that strong set of the jaw.

The downside is that the smile often seems forced on both – there’s more than a whiff of “grin and bear it” in that kind of smile, and I’m sure that would grate on most people as being too fake-looking. But on Mayumi, that smile is often in the service of an ebullient personality, so one never doubts that the smile reflects a true state of mind. Whether or not that’s true, her persona carries it off.

As for Parvati – well, she’s stuck on a fucking island, fighting for a million bucks. Really, grin and bear it is the least one can do in such a situation. Which doesn’t mean she’s being fake in her smile – I think, like Mayumi, that it shows a genuine emotion. She’s also seen frowning and looking troubled, after all.

Also, I have to say that these recent photos of Mayumi are incredible! Puberty is serving her well: her photos in her earliest teens were adorable and pedoriffic, but it was difficult to tell if she could grow into that beauty and be an adult gravure idol. Now in her mid-teens, that transition into womanhood seems more apparent, and more powerful. I look forward to it, and in the meanwhile enjoy her for what she is now.

I’m not sure if seeing Parvati and thinking of Mayumi enhances my enjoyment of Survivor. I’m not rooting her to win or anything – I was kind of hoping it’d be Yau-Man again, but he’s already been booted. It was a huge distraction when I first tried to figure out who Parvati looked like. Now that I placed it, it’s only a minor distraction.

All that said, it’s obvious who looks better in a swimsuit, right?

Mayumi, of course! Though of course, your pedolicious mileage may vary…