Self-Criticism Session: March 2008

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So, how did this first month with 3.0 go?

Not as well as I’d have liked… but still a vast improvement from 2.0. The theme and how it breaks the front page down to categories has been a huge help psychologically. Free of the tyranny of absolute linearity, I feel like I’m emphasizing what I should, and downplaying the more random elements that amuse me but don’t carry as much weight. So the change was definitely worth it. As for particulars of this month’s output…

Features. I would have wanted two more Feature articles this month, and I actually have one sitting near-complete in draft form for a couple weeks now. These are supposed to be the big deals of the blog, the showcases – and while the two I wrote were good, it wasn’t enough for the spotlight I’m giving this category.

Shuffle Units. It started off strong and then slowed considerably. I think part of it is that the conversation wasn’t steered as well as I should have. Another part of it is that I was asking very busy bloggers to add to their already hectic schedules. That said, the contributions from everyone were fantastic, and the interaction was highly rewarding. As a body of work in its own right, this shuffle group was excellent and all praise should go to Henkka, Celestia, and broomhead. I’m definitely going to do this again – not in April, as I wanna try something else new – but definitely May or June.

Intl Wota. With the first anniversary and some other changes behind the scenes, Intl Wota demanded a good deal of time beyond the usual mass-writing of entries. A major family crisis left me distracted for the last third of the month, and I ended up having to choose between Ame Wota and Intl Wota whenever time and focus was available to me. Of course, I opted for Intl Wota.

The good news is that I added two new admins to Intl Wota, pengie and broomhead – in short, Intl Wota is no longer a dictatorship but a troika. Having Nostradamus and Rasputin play an equal role in the big decisions is certainly a huge help, as long as they don’t sweep me out in the course of a revolution. We also have several great new contributors to the site who’ve livened up Intl Wota considerably. So even with some new plans to expand the scope of Intl Wota, I’m pleased to say that we’re coming closer to a time where I won’t have to worry about its day-to-day activities nearly as much.

Wota Distractions. If I really want to get more hits, I don’t have to write new blog entries, I just need to keep beefing up the doodads on the playtime pages. Time and again, I’ve seen sudden and humongous spikes in the hits to the blog – mostly because of the various rankers, but also a little because of the generators. I actually don’t think many of the people directed to Ame Wota from a forum to one of the rankers sticks around to read the articles, but every little counts.

Worship Sites. Momoko received a huge amount of attention on her birthday, as well she should, but otherwise these sites continue to languish. I need to be more on the ball with them, especially since they’re really just an excuse for eyecandy, lascivious snark, and bad poetry.

So there’s definitely room for more improvement, but I’m also thinking there’s a lot more room for experimentation as well. And I’m definitely leaning more towards experimentation for the coming month of April.


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One Response to “Self-Criticism Session: March 2008”
  1. Henkka says:

    Let’s face it: never mind what little self-criticisms you might have about the site yourself, the fact is that American Wota remains one of, if not THE very best of H!P-oriented blogs. You can pat yourself on the back for that one. 🙂

    I quite enjoyed being in the Shuffle Unit as it really gave me a chance to write more about what goes on behind the music which, as you know, is something I don’t do so much on my own blog. It did get a bit slower in the end… I don’t think it’s your fault really, it’s just that there’s only so much you can talk about this one subject amongst just the few of us, not that we didn’t stray from the topic plenty of times… 🙂 Something a little more broad of a subject and/or a couple more guest bloggers would probably make it a lot smoother I’d guess. But yeah, I wish I could’ve been a bit more active though and could’ve contributed a couple of posts more, but this turned out to be an extremely busy month for me in personal life as well. Bad luck I suppose.

    But hey, if you ever need or want in the Shuffle Unit again in the future, don’t be afraid to ask! 🙂 I’ll surely do it again assuming I’m not too busy with life. Or even if I would happen to be busy, some sort of a bribe is the only thing necessary for me to simply make time. 😉