My New Favorite H!P Unit

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I am a ridiculously shallow bastard when it comes to my pop idols (if not my pop idol theories). And looking at this first shot of Koha and her new BFFs, I can’t help but believe I am going to love this unit to pieces. Kikkawa Yuu has that Shibata / Nanba An vibe going with her face, and Sayaka is… wow. Wow wow wow. I’m still seeing Aya of SweetS, but not nearly as much. It’s amazing that Koha is overshadowed by both her partners, but she’s still looking quite nice, too.

They need their own photobook right away. Like with sixth gen when they debuted. With lots of bikini shots. And solo DVDs of each of them frolicking on the beach in swimwear. Though they don’t have to do that for Koha or Yuu.

Thanks to Some Boys! Blog for posting this picture and the latest news on the ‘Way.


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3 Responses to “My New Favorite H!P Unit”
  1. Gemma says:

    I have a feeling im gunna love this unit too ! =D
    I can’t wait to hear their first single ^^

  2. Yoshimi says:

    I personally think that Sayaka looks unflattering in that first picture of the new trio. I’m guessing it’s an awkward screen capture?

    Kikka reminds me a lot of Murakami Megumi. It’s in the face, but Kikka also had that deer-in-headlights expression for her early official photos a la Meguru. I’m hoping she sounds like her, since I never saw or heard her eighth generation audition.

  3. Geez, they look like they could be sisters, at least cousins.


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