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I started 2007 wanting to review all of Morning Musume’s PVs… and I’m closing 2007 with the same wish. I’m making progress bit by bit, but not enough to post regularly just yet. When I’m ready, you’ll all know.

However, the Complete Singles DVD has provided a great opportunity for me to screencap all of their single PVs in one fell swoop. I created a screencap for roughly every two seconds of the DVD – thank God I can automate this – then deleted images that were completely unusable. Now I have caps numbering from all the way to

So why am I mentioning this? Because I’m thinking at least some of you may want to blog about the DVD or do a Top Ten of Momusu PVs to celebrate the tenth anniversary or even do your own comprehensive review of all of their single PVs. If so, maybe some of you can use these screencaps and save yourselves the hassle I went through. Screencapping one PV is no big deal, but a whole decade’s worth of PVs may make someone give pause. As you all know, I’m as much a reader as a writer, and I want to read what your opinions are on Momusu’s decade of work. I figure this is my small way of facilitating the process.

These images do have my watermark, just so you know. But you don’t have to give me credit or link back to here. As a further caveat, this is an automated screencapping, so it’s not like I got all the “essential” shots by any means. (Aika’s big entrance in the start of “Egao Yes Nude” didn’t fare well, I’ll need to go back later for that.) A lot of the great iconic moments, yes, but not all. And some of the images are blurry, especially from PVs where they move around a lot. (“Sexy Boy” suffered particularly.) Still, it’s better than nothing.

The easiest way to do this is to download this ZIP file, choose what you like, and post it online on your own site. You can also hotlink from the screencaps kept on this site – I have no problem with that – though I’m thinking you’d still need the ZIP file to look at and figure out which images you want to use exactly. Guessing “that shot from Mr. Moonlight would be around 1763” won’t be much fun.

And if you have other uses for these screencaps, go ahead! (I’ve got some ideas, now that I think of it.) If this experiment works out, I may try sharing screencaps again – maybe with the upcoming Perfume collection of early singles. We’ll see how it goes.


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2 Responses to “Meta: Screencaps From the Morning Musume Singles DVD”
  1. broomhead says:

    5791 images?? That must have taken a long time! Well, this is pretty convenient because it goes along well with what I started in my last blog entry. I think that I will probably do a Top 10 or something list using these screenshots.

  2. Hanachan says:

    Thank you for making these available! I really need screencaps for an upcoming post of mine, and some of the videos I downloaded were terrible quality.

    Also, what do you use to play your Japanese DVDs? I’m trying to play the DVD from the LE version of the Singles Collection, but sometimes it will play the warning only, or stop in the middle of a chapter.