A Brief Pictorial History Of: Yossie and Mako’s Love

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“Mr. Moonlight”: The romance begins in big band style.

The Damn Puppet Show Song: They live out their Titanic fantasies as Tsuji serenades and hides her own passion.

“Ai Araba It’s All Right”: Mako tries to make Yossie jealous by sniffing some Snacchi…

… but Yossie’s working the other ladies.

“Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari”: Yossie makes a Mako Sandwich with Tsuji, smacks a big kiss.

“Namida Whatever Whatever”: Mako gets to play the man for a change.

“Osaka Koi no Uta”: Yossie wrongheadedly seeks comfort in Charmy’s cleavage, regrets it immediately.

“Chokkan 2”: Mako and Yossie consider making a Reina sandwich…

… then Reina and Yossie keep protective watch over Mako’s crotch.

“Ambitious!”: Mako-chan sends one last message to Yossie.


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9 Responses to “A Brief Pictorial History Of: Yossie and Mako’s Love”
  1. pengie says:

    I’ve gotta ask, first of all: what brought this on?

    Secondly, Ray, you’ve got a knack for bringing out my inner fangirl. I avoid shipping “real” pairings like the plague, but Yossie and Makocchan… that’s my ONE WEAKNESS. Damn, why did Mako have to run off to New Zealand… *sobs*

  2. Ray Mescallado says:

    I’m having fun with my new screencaps – this is the first in an ongoing series. Some strange patterns have been emerging as I’ve been looking at Momusu’s PVs these past couple months. The Yossie-Mako one caught me by surprise, as I initially thought that relationship was only in “Mr. Moonlight”, but other references kept popping up as I paid closer attention. In a weird way, the complete DVD singles is kind of like GRAVITY’S RAINBOW – secret architecures and connections and byzantine structures – except it doesn’t weigh so much. So maybe THE CRYING OF LOT 49.

    Oh, and I really wanted to make that Snacchi joke when I thought of it.

  3. pengie says:

    I laughed pretty loud at “Snacchi.”

    Have you seen the “trial” episode of Haromoni, where Yossie’s put on trial for breaking a promise to Makoto? (Something about buying matching bracelets, or something.) Even the rest of the girls are screaming “they’re like a real couple!” If you haven’t seen it, the full episode is on Veoh somewhere… which reminds me, I need to rewatch it!

  4. oooo…what is Reina trying to suggest in that “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari” screencap?

  5. Chiakii says:

    You have no idea how happy this post made me, Ray.

    No. Idea.

  6. Aiwish says:

    I needed this. It’s been too long without any YoMako goodness.

  7. Saburo says:

    YES! “Snacchi.”

    Trademark! It Now

  8. Didn’t see this post until now. I laughed SO hard at the Osaka Koi no Uta screencap.

  9. Here is the Judgement Day episode Pengie mentioned, if you haven’t found it yet.



    Love, Charmy