A Brief Pictorial History Of: Morning Daughters of Joy

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“Summer Night Town”: Yuko and Ayappe work the streets and alleyways…

… while Asuka pays the rent by working the gaijin jarheads.

“Love Machine”: Sayaka and Ayappe shake their moneymakers. Vigorously.

“I Wish”: Yagu whores it up…

… and tries to tempt Kago away from current lady of the evening Iida, who doesn’t take kindly to the competition.

Also, Tsuji offers to slip Kei a tubesteak special.

“The Peace!”: Iida again shows what a nasty girl she can be.

“Mr. Moonlight”: Iida again looking extra slinky and living up to her “Johnson” nickname.

“Souda!”: Yagu offers a reverse cowgirl roll in the hay.

“Koko ni Iruzee!”: Konno and Ishikawa offer to bone…

… while Kago offers to work your loaf.

That Damn Puppet Show Song: Kei gets drunk before seeking out (fellow) sailors.

“My Dear Boy”: “Summer Night Town” redux.

“Joshi”: Kago shows her oral hygiene skills.

“The Manpower!!!”: The jig is up, as they dress up like vestal virgins.

“Sexy Boy”: Kama Sutra positions pose as lame para para dance.

“Ambitious!”: Too many boas = trashy wore.

“Aruiteru”: Yossie dresses up like a country bumpkin pimp.

“Egao Yes Nude”: “We’re going to have a bukkake party tonight! / All right! / We’re going to have a bukkake party all right! / Tonight!”

“Kanashimi Twilight”: The girls all dress like the early evening talent at the Vegas branch of Scores.


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6 Responses to “A Brief Pictorial History Of: Morning Daughters of Joy”
  1. CJ Marsicano says:

    ROFLMAOPIMP at the Black Flag paraphrase on the “Egao YES Nude” screencap! XD

  2. They were so raw in the beginning and have just fine-tuned the vibe for years now. I never get tired of seeing and hearing these earlier songs.


  3. pengie says:

    Yeah, we all know what Kago’s talking about in that vide–OH. OHHH. Her oral HYGIENE skills. Sorry, my bad, didn’t think that was a toothbrush. *ahem* So anyway, about them feather boas.

  4. Maria says:

    So where’s the Cabaret glory of Onna ni Sachi Are? anyway… I can’t believe people thought that Kago was an innocent little girl after JKM, it should’ve been no surprise at all that she decided to run away with that porn-related weird guy, huh?

  5. OVA says:

    Hmm, I thought you’d comment about Iida’s expression for JKM.

  6. loloferrari says:

    This is the funniest musume blog post I’ve ever seen.