Congratulations to the Proud Parents!

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Tsuji Nozomi has given birth to a healthy baby girl today at 12:45 AM. Her name is Noa, she weighs 2730 grams – roughly six pounds – and apparently everyone is doing well. Further details can be found at Hello Non-Pro Hour.

This is such great news. Congratulations to Tsuji and Taiyou, I’m sure they’ll make wonderful parents!


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One Response to “Congratulations to the Proud Parents!”
  1. wu-san says:

    awww this is great news for the couple, and I wish them all the best.

    Also, I wish I was the father!

    ok, not the father. A good friend? that way I’ve got an ultraman as my buddy, I’ll be an uncle to Noa through association and friendly ties. Plus, it gives me opportunities to come around the house for meals, where I can stare at Nono eating…


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