The AW Idol Index – July 8, 2007

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A strictly self-indulgent look at who matters to me right this very moment and why. I considered putting Johnson in this week’s list, just because having her get knocked up reminded me of how hot she is… but I had other priorities on my wota mind this week, so it didn’t happen.

5. Wada Akiko (Geinou)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

Here in Hawaii, they just started airing episodes of Happy Family Plan again on KIKU and seeing Wada Akiko as a co-host was enough to remind me of how much I enjoy her as a geinou… Her performance in Kouhaku for the past two years – especially doing “Hey!” with m-flo – have been particularly memorable to me and she’s got a wonderful sense of humor about herself. For me, at least, in a theoretical quien es mas boinkable pair-up, half of the current Morning Musume line-up would lose to this wonderful woman.

Speaking of the other half…

4. Mitsui Aika (Pop Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

The new Morning Musume line-up’s first single seems like a good time to re-evaluate the individual idols, and Micchi’s stock has risen considerably for me. I think she’s just plain adorable and I really liked her hair in the group portrait on the official site. (Apparently I’m in the minority on that count.) I’d stopped downloading HaroMoni@ over a month ago – the conceit of idols listening to a baby doll made it unwatchable for me, so why bother even downloading it? – but reading MorningBerryz’s accounts of the Koharu / Micchi segments were enough to make me download what I’d been missing… just to watch the Koharu / Micchi segments, and that’s it. It was worth it, Micchi has been charming and fun and I already said adorable but I’ll say it again.

Oh, and I know she was shown off to better effect in “Egao Yes Nude” than in this single, but I’m only ready to declare my passion for her now. I hope they give her a solo photobook soon.

3. Li Chun (Pop Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

Now that she’s got a song with Morning Musume, I’m going to say JunJun’s my favorite in the current line-up. I’m not particularly caring if she’s a good singer or dancer or whatever – come on, my last number one favorite was Sayumi – but she’s just too darn cute and genki to ignore. She may not be as, um, incandescent as Micchi, but she’s got a poise and vulnerability that makes her feel like a quintessential idol.

2. Tsugunaga Momoko (Pop Idol)
Last Week: 1
Total Weeks on Index: 7

I’m still not over the wonderfulness of her photobook, while the new single and PV is around to pick up any slack that can occur in my wota enthusiasm. I really and truly hope that a second Momoko photobook follows up after Risako’s. The other Berryz may deserve some photobook love, too, but they can wait a little longer.

1. Amuro Namie (Pop Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 2

I finally got around to picking up my copy of Play at Hakubundo (along with the Berryz single and concert DVD… which I haven’t opened yet), and was stunned to see Namie wearing a freakin’ eyepatch on the back of the CD. There’s a diamond on it, which makes it classy I guess, but it just kind of caught me for a loop. – as did the album, as did Namie herself as I explored the album and DVD further.

I was surprised to find that Play is actually as good as, if not better than, Queen of Hip Pop as an album. If anything, the singles were strengthened, and the new material is mostly stronger than the new material on Queen. And while the videos on the DVD were generally not as exciting as the PVs for the singles to Queen, “Hide & Seek” by itself raised my appreciation of Namie to a whole new level. It’s an excellent reminder that a pop diva has to be a bit of a semiotician mad scientist, and she’s certainly been that in recent years.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to explore these thoughts in greater detail this week… But for reminding me that the world of pop music should hit you everywhere that matters – the heart, the groin, and the head – she was far and away the best thing in my wota universe this past week.

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  1. I love the track “Top Secret”…hearing Namie whisper “Tonight I taste you / I wanna taste you” over and over again, drives me up the freakin walls!