The AW Idol Index – July 16, 2007

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A strictly self-indulgent look at who matters to me right this very moment and why. I’m running late on this post and life’s been pretty busy, so I’m gonna have to make this short…

5. Koike Rina (Geinou)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

I’m going to post some video clips from her gravure DVD at Pedolicious soon, so I’d been watching her again and realizing I really really really like her. A lot.

4. Tsugunaga Momoko (Pop Idol)
Last Week: 2
Total Weeks on Index: 8

Still very much in my wota heart and on my laptop’s screen, I loved her solo performance on the new Berryz concert DVD.

3. Amuro Namie (Pop Idol)
Last Week: 1
Total Weeks on Index: 3

I’m still enjoying Play, whose strengths continue to shine and perhaps even overshadow her magnificent last album.

2. Perfume (Idol Group)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

Sometimes, I need to remind myself of how great groups are between their releases. I was absolutely loving Perfume’s Fan Service releases, back in early Spring – and their next single doesn’t come out for another couple of months. So I spent some time watching their PVs and the concert DVD and now I can’t wait for what’s coming next! Perfume released the best song and PV of last year – and nothing this year has yet to match “Electro World” – so my expectations are high.

1. Kawase Tomoko (Pop Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

The new Brilliant Green song is incredible, and the PV is very good… but the greatest revelation is just seeing Tommy being “herself”, for lack of a better description. We’ve gotten so used to her alternate personalities that it’s something of a relief to see Tommy without the overblown pop geek / rock rebel look. Of course, it’d be foolish to automatically assume this is the real Kawase Tomoko we see – but it seems less of a put-on, and has a quiet charm all its own.

And isn’t it great that the return of BuriGuri coincides with the release of the new Harry Potter movie and the final book? Okay, that’s kind of random, but it did occur to me since Tommy’s reportedly a fan of the series.

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